13 Facts About Alex Spanos


Alex Spanos was born in Stockton, California to Greek immigrants Constantino and Evanthia Alex Spanos.

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Alex Spanos's father owned a bakery where the young Spanos started working at the age of eight.

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Alex Spanos's mother even left the family home for two years and attempted to take two children with her, but his parents reunited when he was a teenager and remained married until his death.

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Alex Spanos, who played a large part in mediating the conflict between his parents, stated that his turbulent home life was the reason he strove to provide a stable environment for his own children.

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Alex Spanos earned varsity letters in swimming and diving at the University of the Pacific in Stockton and later distinguished himself as an amateur golfer.

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Alex Spanos invested his earnings in real estate and at the suggestion of his tax accountants, started to build apartments.

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Alex Spanos donated $500,000 to renovate the Fox Theatre in downtown Stockton, and with the approval of the City of Stockton, renamed the facility the Fox California Bob Hope Theatre.

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Alex Spanos was inducted into the California Building Industry Hall of Fame in 2005.

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Alex Spanos received the AHEPA Award, an award that recognizes members of the community for their contributions and achievements in their chosen field of endeavor.

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Alex Spanos had a seven-way heart bypass in 2000, and has had surgery and undergone chemotherapy for colon cancer.

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Alex Spanos had written a book called Sharing the Wealth: My Story which detailed his rise from a moneyless man of 27 years to become a billionaire.

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Alex Spanos was the first person to be on the winning teams in both the Bob Hope Desert Classic in Palm Desert and the Bob Hope British Pro-Am.

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Alex Spanos died October 9,2018, age 95, of complications from dementia that had been diagnosed ten years prior.

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