17 Facts About Bob Hope

1. In 1978, Bob Hope was invited to dot the "i" in the Ohio State University Marching Band's "Script Ohio" formation, an honor only given to non-band members on 14 occasions from 1936 through 2016.

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2. Bob Hope was awarded more than 2,000 honors and awards, including 54 honorary university doctorates.

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3. Bob Hope owned a home which had been custom built for him in 1939 on an 87,000-square-foot lot in Toluca Lake.

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4. On the morning of July 27, 2003, Bob Hope died of pneumonia at the age of 100 at his home in Toluca Lake, California.

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5. At the age of 95, Bob Hope made an appearance at the 50th anniversary of the Primetime Emmy Awards with Milton Berle and Sid Caesar.

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6. Bob Hope continued an active entertainment career past his 75th birthday, concentrating on his television specials and USO tours.

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7. Bob Hope recruited numerous top celebrities for the annual "Lights On" fundraiser.

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8. In 1992, Bob Hope made a guest appearance as himself on the animated Fox series The Simpsons, in the episode titled "Lisa the Beauty Queen".

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9. Bob Hope reprised his role as Huck Haines in a 1958 production of Roberta at The Muny Theater in Forest Park in St Louis, Missouri.

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10. Bob Hope was host of the Academy Awards ceremony 19 times between 1939 and 1977.

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11. Bob Hope had seen Lamour performing as a nightclub singer in New York, and invited her to work on his United Service Organizations tours of military facilities.

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12. Bob Hope signed a contract with Educational Pictures of New York for six short films.

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13. Bob Hope had a brief career as a boxer in 1919, fighting under the name Packy East.

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14. Bob Hope retired in 1997, and died at the age of 100 in 2003, at his home in the Toluca Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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15. Bob Hope participated in the sports of golf and boxing and owned a small stake in his hometown baseball team, the Cleveland Indians.

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16. Bob Hope began appearing on radio and in films starting in 1934.

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17. Bob Hope was born in the Eltham district of southeast London, UK, arrived in the United States with his family at the age of four, and grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

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