20 Facts About Alex Winter


Alexander Ross Winter was born on July 17,1965 and is a British-American actor and filmmaker.


Alex Winter is known for his role as Marko in the 1987 vampire film The Lost Boys; for co-writing, co-directing, and starring in the 1993 film Freaked; and for directing documentaries in the 2010s.


Alex Winter's mother, Gregg Mayer, is a New York-born dancer who trained with Martha Graham, and founded the first modern-dance company in London in the mid-1960s.


Alex Winter's father, Ross Albert Winter, is an Australian who danced with Winter's mother's troupe and co-founded the Mid American Dance Company in St Louis.


Alex Winter's father has English ancestry and his mother is Jewish, of Ukrainian Jewish descent.


When Winter was five, his family moved to Missouri, where his father ran the Mid-American Dance Company, while his mother taught dance at Washington University in St Louis.


In 1978, Alex Winter moved to the New York City area, where he and his mother lived in Montclair, New Jersey.


In 1983, after graduating from Montclair High School, Alex Winter was accepted into the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.


Alex Winter dropped out of NYU film school before his senior year, and he and Tom Stern moved out to Hollywood, where the two wrote and directed a number of short films and music videos.


Alex Winter continued to find work as an actor, landing notable roles in such big productions as The Lost Boys and Rosalie Goes Shopping.


Alex Winter did not return to directing until 1999, when he filmed Fever.


Alex Winter sustains an aura of creepiness worthy of Roman Polanski.


Alex Winter directed the live-action adaptation of the hit Cartoon Network series Ben 10, which aired in November 2007 and garnered the highest ratings in Cartoon Network history.


Alex Winter directed its sequel, Ben 10: Alien Swarm, which aired on Cartoon Network in November 2009 and captured over 16 million viewers in its premiere weekend.


Alex Winter's multiple award-winning 2015 documentary Deep Web had its world premiere at SXSW and a broadcast premiere in the US on the Epix network alongside a global festival tour.


In 2016, Alex Winter released a short documentary entitled Relatively Free about journalist Barrett Brown's release from prison.


In 2018, Alex Winter released two documentaries, The Panama Papers, about the Panama Papers, and Trust Machine: The Story Of Blockchain, which premiered in Los Angeles on November 16,2018.


In July 2015, Alex Winter began work on a biographical documentary of the rock guitarist and composer Frank Zappa.


Alex Winter was married to Sonya Dawson, with whom he had a son, born in 1998.


On February 2,2018, Alex Winter revealed that he was molested by an older man at age 13 while he was acting on Broadway.