12 Facts About Alexander Julian


Alexander Julian was born on February 8,1948 and is an American fashion designer, known for his Colours clothing brand and designing his own clothing fabric.


Alexander Julian pursued a degree in English at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill while working at his father's clothing store.


Julian pleaded with his father to open a store of his own, and while his family was away for a month in the summer of 1969, Julian released one of his father's tenants from a lease, dropping out of school and at age 19 opening his first store, Alexander's Ambition.


Alexander Julian subsequently bought out his father's interest, leading to a period where he and his father were in direct competition.


In 1973 Alexander Julian campaigned for the Chapel Hill Board of Aldermen, finishing fifth.


In 1988, Alexander Julian received a Distinguished Alumni award from UNC.


Alexander Julian has three children with his wife, the former Meagan Mannell and three children by previous marriages.


Alexander Julian later rebuilt his businesses, beginning again from his furniture line, which he had started in 1994 and not consolidated under the venture fund.


Alexander Julian designed the uniform for the Charlotte Hornets when they joined the NBA, and re-designed the University of North Carolina Tar Heels men's basketball uniforms.


Alexander Julian designed the stadium seating for the Charlotte Knights baseball team in 1990, using seats in fourteen different colors to create a pattern not unlike a textile pattern.


In 1990 Alexander Julian designed the apparel for the Newman-Haas IndyCar team, including drivers Mario and Michael Andretti.


Alexander Julian was the costume designer for the 1992 Robert Altman film, The Player.