10 Facts About Alexandra Eames


Alexandra Eames begins partnering with Detective Zack Nichols in the season eight episode "Major Case" after Wheeler, Nichols' regular partner, goes into labor.

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Alexandra Eames soon learned to appreciate his investigative skill and withdrew the request, all without ever revealing this to Goren.

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When Goren is suspended and decides to go undercover on his own in a prison where his nephew has witnessed abuses, Alexandra Eames keeps in communication with him and asks for their Captain's help when his plans go awry.

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Alexandra Eames is told to fire Goren for his physical altercation with their prime suspect earlier in the episode.

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Alexandra Eames tells the detectives to stand down and briefs them on her investigation.

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NYPD Manhattan

Alexandra Eames joined the NYPD to follow in the footsteps of her father, Johnny Alexandra Eames, a police officer.

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In "The Last Street in Manhattan", Alexandra Eames indicates that she grew up and went to elementary school in the Inwood section of Manhattan.

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Alexandra Eames takes care of her elderly father, who still lives there and complains that she has given him no grandchildren.

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Alexandra Eames gives birth to a boy, with whom she has a close relationship.

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Alexandra Eames enjoys Danish pastry, mentioning it in at least two episodes.

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