26 Facts About Alexei Kudrin


Alexei Leonidovich Kudrin is a Russian liberal politician and economist serving as the 4th and current Chairman of the Accounts Chamber since 2018.

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Alexei Kudrin was appointed as Finance Minister on 28 May 2000 and held the post for 11 years, making him the longest-serving Finance Minister in post-Soviet Russia.

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Alexei Kudrin was asked to resign from his position on 26 September 2011 by President Dmitry Medvedev.

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Alexei Kudrin was born on 12 October 1960 in Dobele, Latvian SSR to Russian father and Latvian mother.

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Alexei Kudrin's first job was a motor mechanic and training assistant at the engine laboratory of the Academy of Procurement and Transportation of the Defense Ministry of the Soviet Union, before entering Leningrad State University to study economy.

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Alexei Kudrin graduated in 1983, and got an internship at the Leningrad Institute of Social and Economic Problems.

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Alexei Kudrin then worked as a researcher at the Institute of Social and Economic Problems of the Academy of Sciences.

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Alexei Kudrin has authored over 15 scientific works in the fields economics and finance, including topics such as competition and anti-monopoly policy in the Soviet economy of the transition period.

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From 1990 to 1996, Alexei Kudrin worked in the Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg City Administration under the liberal mayor and reformer Anatoly Sobchak.

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Alexei Kudrin was chairman of the City Administration's Economic and Finance Committee.

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Alexei Kudrin served as finance minister from May 2000 to September 2011.

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Alexei Kudrin belongs to the group of so-called "St Petersburg economists"—liberal reformers who worked with Putin during his time in the St Petersburg administration—one of the three main informal groups during Putin's presidency.

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Fradkov supported the proposal, but Alexei Kudrin argued that lower VAT could endanger stability of the ruble and would cause the government to withdraw money from the stabilization fund.

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Alexei Kudrin credited Kudrin with sound conduct of the ruble exchange rate and capable fiscal management that has arguably helped to prevent the most serious problems of the so-called Dutch disease.

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In 2006, Alexei Kudrin received the award "Best Finance Minister of a Developing European Country" by the Emerging Markets newspaper, published by the IMF and the World Bank.

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Alexei Kudrin has said that the state's role in the oil industry should not be increased, and has indicated that the purchase of Sibneft by Gazprom and the merger of some former Yukos assets to state-controlled oil company Rosneft were taken at a particular stage of the restructuring of the sector.

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Alexei Kudrin has said that the projected budget deficit is to total 3.

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Alexei Kudrin has said that the Reserve Fund, accumulated before the crisis, will run out in 2011.

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Consequently, Alexei Kudrin warned that Russia will soon have to adjust to being a country, just "like everyone else" and called for a more effective use of state funds.

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In October 2010, Alexei Kudrin was declared "Finance Minister of the Year 2010" by the Euromoney magazine.

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The magazine said that "Alexei Kudrin is rightly hailed as a fiscal manager of the highest order" and praised his "championing of the free market and fiscal prudence".

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At the opening of the All-Russian Civil Forum, organized by his Committee, Alexei Kudrin said the Law on non-governmental organizations - "foreign agents" should be abolished or completely reworded.

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Alexei Kudrin justified this need for global reform and cited the example of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who did just that.

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The next day, Alexei Kudrin said that he is not going to run for the presidency.

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However, many experts continued to believe that Alexei Kudrin wants to return to the Federal Government, and even take the place of the Prime Minister.

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Alexei Kudrin has been married twice, having a son from his current marriage and a daughter from his previous marriage.

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