15 Facts About Alexis Korner

1. Alexis Korner was a pal of British electric guitar tale Eric Clapton.

2. Alexis Korner was wedded to Roberta Melville in 1950 and got three children, most of whom became music artists.

3. Alexis Korner survived the German Atmosphere Raids while surviving in London as an adolescent.

4. Alexis Korner lived all around the globe as a kid, including Switzerland and North Africa.

5. Alexis Korner was an inspirational force in the British Blues Boom of the sixties.

6. Alexis Korner was a friend of British guitar legend Eric Clapton.

7. Alexis Korner was married to Roberta Melville in 1950 and had three children, all of whom became musicians.

8. Alexis Korner survived the German Air Raids while living in London as a teenager.

9. Alexis Korner lived all over the world as a child, including Switzerland and North Africa.

10. Alexis Korner is a member of the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame, into which he was inducted in 2008, and the Classic Drummer Hall of Fame in 2016.

11. Alexis Korner had some teaching from Phil Seaman, a jazz drummer with his own distinctive style.

12. Alexis Korner used his gravelly voice to great effect as an advertising voice-over artist.

13. Alexis Korner died of lung cancer aged 55 years, on 1 January 1984.

14. Alexis Korner brought many American blues artists, previously virtually unknown in Britain, to perform.

15. Alexis Korner made his first official record on Decca Records DFE 6286 in the company of Ken Colyer's Skiffle Group.