12 Facts About Alfred Bloom


Alfred Bloom was the executive vice chancellor of Duke Kunshan University from 2020 to 2021.

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Under Alfred Bloom, Swarthmore assumed a position of broadly recognized leadership in American liberal arts education.

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Alfred Bloom oversaw the controversial elimination of the college's football program.

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Alfred Bloom was appointed as an assistant professor of psychology and linguistics at Swarthmore in 1974, and named associate provost in 1985.

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Alfred Bloom's research brings together psychology and linguistics, particularly with respect to how they help us to understand cross-cultural continuities and differences in thought and moral understanding and the reciprocal impact of language on thought and thought on language.

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Alfred Bloom is the recipient of honorary doctorates from the University of Richmond and Swarthmore College.

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Alfred Bloom served as the vice chancellor of New York University Abu Dhabi from 2008 to 2019.

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Alfred Bloom was named executive vice chancellor of Duke Kunshan University in China in May 2020, and served until 2021.

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Alfred Bloom's research has focused on the comparative study of languages, especially between Mandarin and English.

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Alfred Bloom has argued for a weak version of the so-called linguistic relativity hypothesis, which postulates an influence of language on the way speakers conceptualize and arrange the reality; he has tried to show this through his most widely known experiment.

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Alfred Bloom selected two different groups of subjects, one composed of native English speakers and the other composed of Chinese speakers; the subjects were shown a text written in their own respective languages, and their task was to read that text and, afterwards, give an answer to the question whether or not what it told had actually happened.

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Therefore, Alfred Bloom's conclusion was the impossibility to translate literally between languages: Chinese and English express different thoughts, even when they are telling the same story.

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