10 Facts About Alghero


Alghero is a city of about 45,000 inhabitants in the Italian insular province of Sassari in northwestern Sardinia, next to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Alghero is the third university center in the island, coming after Cagliari and Sassari.

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The dialects these families spoke in Alghero were all very similar and derived from the same linguistic family.

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Alghero is located on the northwestern coast of Sardinia, along the bay named after the city.

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Climate at Alghero is mild due to the presence of the sea, which attenuates the temperatures especially during the summer.

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Many historical dominances that occurred in Alghero have created a rich variety of monuments, buildings and sights.

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Back from the Neolithic period from which many settlements remain, up to nowadays, in the last decades Alghero has become a touristic main point not only because of its coast and natural beauties but because of a fairly well-preserved patrimony.

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Coral of Alghero is among the finest in the Mediterranean with a reputation for quantity, quality, compression and ruby red color.

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The coat of arms and flag of Alghero include a branch of the valuable red coral on a foundation of rock.

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Alghero has a train station in the Pietraia neighborhood, Sant'Agostino, with daily trains to Sassari.

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