13 Facts About Ali Payami


Ali Payami is an Iranian-Swedish record producer, songwriter, and DJ.

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Ali Payami has worked with other musicians such as Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding and Katy Perry.

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Ali Payami was first exposed to music in Malmo, Sweden, when he was a child.

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Ali Payami watched people in bands rehearse and make music, which prompted him to develop interest in the same.

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Ali Payami didn't understand how to make music when he was younger.

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Ali Payami then started DJing at school parties and in local clubs.

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Ali Payami said “DJing played a big part in what I do now; the mentality of it and the love of both new and old music.

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Ali Payami described this experience as "weird", stating “I loved DJing, but what I didn't like was being the center of attention.

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Ali Payami believed in not just me, but a lot of people who are very successful now.

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Ali Payami worked on The Weeknd's song "Can't Feel My Face", which helped him settle himself as a popular pop artist.

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Ali Payami said that it was a very simple song, and not "super advanced".

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Max Martin, on Ali Payami, jokingly commented that he was envious of him, who "listened to new music all the time".

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Ali Payami co-wrote and co-produced Katy Perry's single "Chained to the Rhythm" from her album Witness.

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