101 Facts About Katy Perry

1. Katy Perry will join Katy Perry and the others for a tribute featuring her classic songs.

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2. Katy Perry has a favorite aroma that she's been wearing since high school: vanilla-scented perfume.

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3. In 2018 Katy Perry became one of the judges on the new incarnation of the singing competition TV show American Idol.

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4. In 2011, Katy Perry became the first woman to have five songs from an album reach No 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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5. In 2011, Katy Perry teamed up with Mattel to create a Barbie doll in her image.

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6. At the age of 15, Katy Perry dropped out of school in order to focus on singing.

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7. Katy Perry was featured in the 2012 3D documentary Katy Perry Perry: Part of Me, which grossed over $30 million at the box office.

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8. In 2014, Katy Perry launched her own music label, Metamorphosis Music, as a subsidiary of Capitol.

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9. In 2009, Katy Perry made tabloid headlines for her relationship with British comedian Russell Brand.

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10. In 2009, Katy Perry appeared in her own acoustic special on MTV.

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11. Katy Perry is known for her performance during the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, her marriage to comedian Russell Brand and her selection as a judge for American Idol.

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12. Katy Perry's became the first artist to have three songs receive Diamond certifications from the RIAA with "Dark Horse", "Firework", and "Roar".

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13. Katy Perry was declared the Top Global Female Recording Artist of 2013 by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

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14. Katy Perry's performed alongside Elton John at a fundraising concert for Clinton in New York City in March 2016.

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15. Katy Perry's endorsed Kamala Harris in the United States Senate election in California, and organized a fundraiser for Harris at her home in Los Angeles in November 2016.

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16. Katy Perry describes herself as a feminist, and appeared in April 2013 in a video clip for the "Chime For Change" campaign that aimed to spread female empowerment.

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17. In June 2012, Katy Perry expressed her hopes for LGBT equality, commenting "hopefully, we will look back at this moment and think like we do now concerning [other] civil rights issues.

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18. Katy Perry performed at the One Love Manchester benefit concert for the victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing amongst various other performers including its organizer Ariana Grande, which was broadcast live on June 4, 2017 through radio and various television stations throughout the world.

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19. In March 2018, Katy Perry announced Witness: Coming Home, a benefit concert that was held in her hometown of Santa Barbara, California on May 19, 2018.

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20. On her 27th birthday, Katy Perry set up a donations page for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Auckland, and set up a similar page benefiting the David Lynch Foundation for her 28th birthday.

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21. Katy Perry's has described herself as having "multipersonality disorder" for fashion.

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22. In February 2009, Katy Perry told Seventeen that her fashion style was "a bit of a concoction of different things" and stated she enjoyed humor in her clothing.

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23. In November 2010, Katy Perry told Harper's Bazaar that she was proud of and satisfied with her figure.

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24. Katy Perry's told Marie Claire: "I feel like my secret magic trick that separates me from a lot of my peers is the bravery to be vulnerable and truthful and honest.

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25. Katy Perry's credits the 1996 movie The Craft for inspiring her song "Dark Horse", and Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now for influencing Prism.

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26. Katy Perry intends to become "more of a Joni Mitchell", releasing folk and acoustic music.

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27. Katy Perry described The Beach Boys and their album Pet Sounds as having a considerable influence on her music: "Pet Sounds is one of my favorite records and it influenced pretty much all of my songwriting.

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28. Katy Perry's recorded the song "Immortal Flame" for the game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and had a playable character modeled after her.

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29. Katy Perry recorded a cover of the Dear Evan Hansen song "Waving Through a Window" for the deluxe edition of the cast recording, released on November 2, 2018.

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30. Katy Perry's embarked on Witness: The Tour, which began in September 2017 and ended in August 2018.

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31. Katy Perry's recorded a duet with him on the EP, titled "Legends Never Die".

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32. Katy Perry's performed at the 2015 Rock in Rio festival on September 27, 2015.

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33. Katy Perry's commented "I felt very prismatic", which inspired the album's name.

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34. Katy Perry's told Billboard, "I know exactly the record I want to make next.

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35. In November 2012, Katy Perry began work on her fourth album, Prism.

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36. Katy Perry's married Russell Brand on October 23, 2010, in a traditional Hindu ceremony near the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan, India.

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37. Katy Perry began to venture into business when she endorsed her first fragrance, Purr, in November 2010.

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38. Katy Perry's hosted Saturday Night Live on December 10, 2011, with Robyn as the episode's musical guest.

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39. Katy Perry's made her film debut in the 3D family motion picture The Smurfs as Smurfette on July 29, 2011.

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40. In September 2010, Katy Perry was scheduled to appear on the 41st-season premiere of Sesame Street.

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41. Katy Perry's provided backing vocals on Mick Jagger's song "Old Habits Die Hard", which was included on the soundtrack to the 2004 film Alfie.

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42. Katy Perry's began work on a solo record, but the record was shelved after Java was dropped.

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43. In 2004, Katy Perry signed to Ballard's label, Java, which was then affiliated with The Island Def Jam Music Group.

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44. Katy Perry's released the album on March 6, 2001, and went on tour that year as part of Phil Joel's Strangely Normal Tour while embarking on other performances of her own in the United States.

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45. Katy Perry completed her General Educational Development requirements at age 15, during her freshman year of high school, and left Dos Pueblos High School to pursue a musical career.

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46. Katy Perry's took dancing lessons and learned how to swing, Lindy Hop, and jitterbug.

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47. Katy Perry's performed the tracks in front of their parents, who let her take vocal lessons as Angela was at the time.

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48. Katy Perry's discovered popular music through CDs she sneaked from her friends.

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49. Katy Perry is getting into the holiday mood with the release of her new track "Cozy Little Christmas.

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50. Katy Perry has today released her brand new festive song, Cozy Little Christmas.

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51. Katy Perry shared her new song, Cozy Little Christmas, on Wednesday night.

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52. Katy Perry has offered up an early Christmas gift to fans by releasing an original holiday tune.

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53. Katy Perry is the latest artist to jump into the Christmas game.

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54. Katy Perry has shared her new Christmas song, "Cozy Little Christmas.

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55. Katy Perry unveiled a new holiday song, "Cozy Little Christmas", that's available exclusively via Amazon Music.

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56. Katy Perry has surprised fans with the release of an original Christmas song.

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57. Katy Perry married British comedian Russell Brand on October 23, 2010 in Rajasthan, India while they were on a vacation there.

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58. Katy Perry helped Winnie Harlow use the bathroom at the Met Gala.

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59. Katy Perry had to help Winnie Harlow go to the bathroom during the Met Gala.

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60. Katy Perry helped model Winnie Harlow pee at the Met Gala.

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61. Katy Perry is looking amazing, as usual! The 34-year-old entertainer attended the 2018 Baby2Baby Gala, presented by Paul Mitchell, on Saturday in Culver City, Calif.

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62. Katy Perry recorded a special cover of "Waving Through a Window" from Dear Evan Hansen for the release of the hit musical's deluxe cast recording.

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63. Katy Perry slammed down President Donald Trump for commenting on the three California forest fires that ravaged the state.

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64. Katy Perry has called out Donald Trump's response to the California wildfires, labelling him "heartless".

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65. Katy Perry has never shied away from making poignant political statements.

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66. Katy Perry says "opposites attract" when it comes to her relationship with Orlando Bloom.

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67. Katy Perry has opened up about finding "balance" in her relationship with Orlando Bloom.

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68. Katy Perry has just snapped up another Los Angeles home, so that her friends and family have somewhere nice to stay when they come and visit.

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69. Katy Perry wrote on Instagram: "On April 29, 2017, I went and saw Dear Evan Hansen on.

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70. Katy Perry is roaring her way into the Broadway world with a stunning cover of "Waving Through a Window" from Dear Evan Hansen.

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71. Katy Perry holds on close to her little dog Nugget while leaving a meeting on Tuesday night in New York City.

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72. Katy Perry was not going to let this Beverly Hills, CA, estate be the one that got away.

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73. Katy Perry wrote on Instagram: On April 29, 2017, I went and saw.

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74. Katy Perry commented on several Instagram photos of Bieber shading him this week, particularly for his hair, which had, prior to this, week grown out into a shaggy bob before.

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75. Katy Perry has released a cover of "Waving Through A Window", a song from musical Dear Evan Hansen.

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76. Katy Perry blessed us with a cover of "Waving Through A Window" from the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack.

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77. Katy Perry has released her own version of the song "Waving Through a Window" from the Tony-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen! The pop star recorded the song for the Deluxe Edition of the Broadway musical's cast recording.

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78. Katy Perry has snapped up another Los Angeles home so her friends and family have somewhere to stay when they visit.

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79. Katy Perry adds another Los Angeles home to her property portfolio.

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80. Katy Perry was photographed, leaving the American Idol studios with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

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81. Katy Perry is joined by Orlando Bloom and their adorable dogs at American Idol auditions.

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82. Katy Perry said she was asked to record a cover of the song by Dear Evan Hansen creators Benj Pasek and Justin.

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83. Katy Perry celebrated her 34th birthday yesterday with Orlando Bloom in a skintight pink latex dress and looked fabulous while doing it! The couple dined at Barton G in West Hollywood.

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84. Katy Perry spends $7.5 million on lavish four bedroom mansion for her friends and family.

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85. Katy Perry had a decidedly more low-key night for her 34th yesterday, going out to dinner at Barton G with her boyfriend Orlando Bloom and his and Miranda Kerr's son Flynn.

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86. Katy Perry celebrated her big day by heading to dinner with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

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87. Katy Perry wears latex dress for birthday dinner with Orlando Bloom.

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88. Katy Perry had a birthday to remember! The pop star, who turned 34 on Thursday, celebrated her big day by heading to dinner with her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

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89. Katy Perry slips into skintight dress for birthday date night with Orlando Bloom.

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90. Katy Perry spoke and performed at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in support of Clinton.

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91. Katy Perry publicly endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

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92. Katy Perry told Do Something in November 2008 she was proud to be a LGBT rights activist, saying "I've always been a very open-minded person, but I definitely believe in equality.

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93. Katy Perry has supported various charitable organizations and causes during her career.

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94. Katy Perry names Bjork as an influence, particularly admiring her "willingness to always be taking chances".

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95. Katy Perry was signed for a $25-million salary to serve as a judge on ABC's revival of American Idol, which premiered in March 2018.

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96. Outside of recording music, Katy Perry appeared as herself in the film Zoolander 2, which was released in February 2016.

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97. On February 10, 2017, Katy Perry released the album's lead single "Chained to the Rhythm" featuring Skip Marley.

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98. Katy Perry has been in an on-off relationship with English actor Orlando Bloom since the beginning of 2016.

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99. Outside of her music career, Katy Perry reprised her role as Smurfette in The Smurfs 2, which was released in theaters on July 31, 2013.

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100. In December 2010, Katy Perry played Moe Szyslak's girlfriend in the live-action segment from a Christmas episode of The Simpsons titled "The Fight Before Christmas".

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101. Katy Perry embarked on her second tour, the California Dreams Tour, in support of Teenage Dream from February 2011 to January 2012.

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