38 Facts About Alison DiLaurentis


Alison Lauren DiLaurentis is a fictional character in the Pretty Little Liars book series, its television adaptation, and the spin-off series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.


Alison DiLaurentis forced Courtney to impersonate her, which led to a physical fight between the two.


However, Alison DiLaurentis did not enjoy the full high school experience.


Two years after Courtney took the reins, Alison returned to the DiLaurentis house for a visit.


Months later, Mona Vanderwaal, a classmate of the girls and Alison DiLaurentis, was revealed to be "A".


Soon, Alison DiLaurentis took the stalking method and began to chase the girls, seeking revenge for them being outside that day that Courtney used them to trick her mother into believing that she were her sister.


Alison DiLaurentis made small appearances during the period hiding behind the "A" mask.

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The DiLaurentis revealed the secret about the twins after a man named Billy Ford was arrested for murdering Alison, saying that they kept the sisters hidden for so long to avoid turmoil in town.


Alison DiLaurentis, posing as Courtney, someone unknown to the four girls, invited them to spend a weekend at the family home in the Poconos.


However, they were trapped inside a room and Alison DiLaurentis soon revealed the whole truth about the death of the real Courtney, and about her desire for revenge.


Alison DiLaurentis then set the building on fire, but the girls managed to escape.


When trying to escape the fire, Alison DiLaurentis herself got several burns on her body and managed to escape with the help of Nick.


Alison DiLaurentis then used the following weeks to recover from the fire whilst observing her victims.


Nick stayed with her during her healing process, but Alison DiLaurentis eventually discarded and incriminated him for everything she had committed, such as the homicides of Ian Thomas and Jenna Cavanaugh.


The girls were eventually released from all charges, and Alison DiLaurentis was arrested for good.


Alison DiLaurentis was the queen bee of her school and the most popular girl before her disappearance.


Alison DiLaurentis is introduced as a very popular girl from the suburb of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, and the leader of a clique composed by her, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields and Hanna Marin.


Spencer naively announces that she has heard a scream of Alison DiLaurentis, seemingly shaken due to something.


Shortly after, Alison is pronounced as a missing person, it's been a while since Alison went missing, and a year later her body is found buried in the backyard of the DiLaurentis' house.


Drake reveals to them that she and Alison DiLaurentis were best friends when Alison DiLaurentis was alive, years prior.


Later on, Alison DiLaurentis is shown in more flashbacks of the night she disappeared, with some revealing that Alison DiLaurentis met with CeCe, Aria's father, Jenna Marshall and Garrett Reynolds that night.


Alison DiLaurentis tells the girls that she needs their help, but she vanishes shortly after.


Alison DiLaurentis later appears to Emily and starts requesting things to her.


Alison DiLaurentis makes up a story about her disappearance saying that she was kidnapped.


Alison DiLaurentis comes up with a plan with Ezra Fitz, Toby Cavanaugh, and Caleb Rivers to find the girls and make sure they come home soon.

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The girls are rescued along with a shaken-up Sara Harvey, who presumably went missing the same time Alison DiLaurentis did from Courtland, and they come home after being diagnosed for having PTSD from their time spent kidnapped.


At the beginning of the season, Archer has Alison DiLaurentis drugged and falsely imprisoned at Welby.


Alison DiLaurentis later reveals to Emily that she is pregnant, believing it to be hers and Archer's.


Alison DiLaurentis soon resumed teaching at Rosewood High and continued to have friction with Paige McCullers, Emily's girlfriend.


Alison DiLaurentis's reciprocated feelings for Emily resurfaces as they spend more time together.


Alison DiLaurentis attends Beacon Heights University, where she is reunited with Mona and became a teaching assistant.


Alison DiLaurentis is then introduced to Claire Hotchkiss, whose family is the founder of BHU, and her son Nolan.


Across the seven season run of Pretty Little Liars, Pieterse's character of Alison DiLaurentis received much positive reception early on by critics, which became mixed as the show altered the character.


In earlier seasons and when appearing in flashbacks, Alison DiLaurentis was praised as a pivotal character to the plot of the series despite being presumed deceased.


Alison DiLaurentis was named by Screen Rant as part of "10 Of The Most Iconic Mean Girls From TV" for her secretiveness and manipulation.


However, Alison DiLaurentis began to acquire more criticism for being portrayed radically different to her persona in earlier seasons.


Preece described the change of demeanor in Alison DiLaurentis as "[feeling] like she had been silenced all over again, and it felt like the writers were wasting the opportunity of having resurrected her at all".


Alison DiLaurentis was nominated for multiple awards, winning the Breakout Actress and Scene Stealer awards in Choice TV.