72 Facts About Emily Fields


Emily Catherine Fields is a fictional character created in 2006 by author Sara Shepard.


Emily Fields is a character in both Pretty Little Liars' books and television series, and initially appears as a "jock girl" and one of the main protagonists of the story.


Emily Fields is part of the group known as the Liars; and is best friends with the four other members, who are protagonists.


Emily Fields is described as having hazel eyes and strawberry-blonde hair that is tinted blue-green due to chlorine.


At her school, Emily Fields is recognized by the students for her achievements in swimming.


Emily Fields is largely motivated by matters surrounding family, romance, and ambition.


Emily Fields is superstitious, although most of her superstitions are unique only to her; for example, making a wish at "4:56" instead of "11:11".


Emily Fields develops a romantic attraction for her best friend Alison DiLaurentis.


Emily Fields dated a boy named Ben Coogan before realizing her true feelings were for girls.


Emily Fields's parents ask her to come home, stating that they will learn to accept Emily for who she is.


Emily Fields comes to discover that she's actually bisexual, when she falls for and eventually sleeps with a boy named Isaac Colbert.


In Burned, while on a school-hosted cruise for spring break, Emily Fields begins a new relationship with Jordan, a criminal who is on the run and being pursued by the FBI.


Emily Fields is later murdered by someone paid by Alison, who had Jordan killed out of revenge for "stealing" Emily from her.


Severely depressed and increasingly desperate, Emily Fields contemplates committing suicide and very nearly attempts it; she is only talked out of it when the Liars remind her that it's what Alison wants: for them to die.


Emily Fields admits to being somewhat obsessed with Alison, priding herself on knowing everything about her.


Unbeknownst to the other girls, Emily Fields attempted to save Alison from the DiLaurentis' burning Poconos house.


Emily Fields feels tremendous guilt over her actions, especially so after Alison returns as "A".


However, eventually Emily Fields begins to hate Alison; Jordan's death at Alison's hands sends Emily Fields into a spiral of rage and deep depression.


Emily Fields is quite popular at school, but feels as though she's not close with anyone.


Emily Fields is constantly searching for a "best friend" to take Alison's place.


Emily Fields ended up severing ties with her family at the end of the series.


Emily Fields is the jock of the group and swims competitively at school.


Emily Fields has long dark hair and brown eyes, and dresses fashionably.


Emily Fields eventually takes off the friendship bracelet Alison gave to her in an attempt to let go of her feelings for Alison.


Emily Fields was a former student at Rosewood High School in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, a star and a non-competitive swimmer.


Emily Fields tearfully confesses to her friends that she was in love with Alison; although surprised, they are instantly accepting of her being a lesbian.


Toby comes to visit Emily Fields to prove that he is innocent, but when cats is arrested, he believes that she is responsible for it.


When Emily Fields re-joined the school's swim team after a brief injury, she finds herself in a rivalry with Paige McCullers, an excellent swimmer who had taken Emily Fields's place in her absence.


Paige apologizes for her father later that evening and comes out to Emily Fields by kissing her.


Emily Fields recalls a memory from the day Alison went missing: Alison visited her and gave her a snow globe, which, unbeknownst to Emily Fields at the time, contained a key to a storage locker.


Emily Fields is able to stay in Rosewood, but feels guilty, confiding in Samara, her new girlfriend.


Ian is found dead of an apparent suicide, but Emily Fields realizes that Ian's suicide note is actually a mash-up of lines from A's messages.


Emily Fields is then visited by Alison, who explains that she knows the identity of A, but can't reveal it to Emily Fields, shortly before kissing her.


Emily Fields is rescued by her friends, but remains uncertain if Alison is really alive or if it was just a dream.


Emily Fields later finds out that she couldn't go back because her soon-to-be killer was there and wanted Emily Fields to go with her to San Francisco to save her.


Emily Fields later tells Emily that he has been assigned on another tour in Afghanistan.


Now a senior, Emily Fields has spent the last five months away from her friends, helping build houses in Haiti as well as partying and drinking heavily to the point of blackouts.


In "That Girl is Poison" Emily Fields discovers that her flask had been drugged with a sleeping pill, causing her to black out.


Paige feels guilty about what happened, believing she took advantage of her, and Emily Fields is shocked and confused about this new revelation.


Emily Fields starts to struggle to know if Alison is alive or not.


Emily Fields takes some pills from her mother's medicine cabinet and gets drowsy and groggy, and causes an injury during a swim meet which put her out of action.


Emily Fields stays in the DiLaurentis house for a while until she moved to Spencer's, due to the house's creepiness.


Emily Fields befriends newcomer Sydney and becomes her swimming coach.


However, Emily Fields discovers Sydney is a friend of Jenna and breaks all ties with her.


Lonely and heartbroken over Paige's departure, Emily Fields starts a relationship with her new co-worker Talia.


However, when Emily Fields discovers that Talia is married and their relationship is calming down, she breaks up.


Emily Fields is trying to help Sara adapt again into society, with the cost of denying her own stuff.


Emily Fields chooses to stay in Rosewood and move on with Sara, only to betrayed when Sara is revealed to be "A's" right-hand woman.


Later, Emily Fields goes to Pepperdine University, but drops out later when her father dies.


Emily Fields starts to work as a bartender in Los Angeles, but returns to Rosewood at Alison's request, and to depose on Charlotte's release from psychological hospital.


Emily Fields starts to investigate Sara, who is free from jail, believing she's the new stalker.


Also in this season, Emily Fields befriends Sabrina, the new-in-charge at the Brew, which in the following season lead to a brief hook up.


In "Tick-Tock, Bitches", Emily Fields goes to Welby State Psychiatric Hospital to see Alison, who is blaming herself for something.


Emily Fields gives the sweater to the group and Caleb flees, giving it to "AD" in hopes of saving Hanna.


Emily Fields explains to Hanna who Drake is, confirming that she was a patient at Radley Sanitarium, and is Jessica DiLaurentis' twin sister.


Emily Fields calls Spencer to talk outside the apartment, saying that Hanna has the look of fear she had while she was stuck in the Dollhouse.


Back at the Welby State, Emily Fields tries to visit Alison, but a nurse confirms that only family members can see her, and, following, Elliott repeated that Alison's conditions aren't the bests and rapidly avoid his conversation with Emily Fields, leaving her unresigned.


Following, Emily Fields tells Spencer that Alison sounded frightened, and Emily Fields urges the possibility of using Mary to visit Alison, since Mary's family.


Emily Fields helps her and they deal to visit Alison together.


Alison claims for Emily Fields's help, stating that Elliott is a bad person, and Alison sees Mary and starts thinking that she is her mother, Jessica.


Emily Fields, meanwhile, is watching their shadows through an unfocused window.


Aria and Emily Fields find a mess that had been used to cover up Elliott's traces.


Emily Fields says the police found out about the apartment in a document found in Elliott's car.


At the Radley, Emily Fields arrives at Jenna's room in order to deliver two drinks.


Emily Fields reveals to the two that someone is stalking her and her friends, after which Jenna tells Emily Fields a story of when Charlotte was still checked in the psychiatric hospital.


Emily Fields tells Alison about what Jenna revealed to her, and Alison gets angry.


Plus, in "The Wrath of Kahn", Emily Fields reveals to Paige about the new "AD", and her relationship with Sabrina plummets.


Paige accuses Emily Fields of being Alison's "puppet," though she didn't know about the hookup or the pregnancy.


Paige tries to solve the situation, but Emily Fields ends up screaming at Addison; ultimately, Paige calls Addison's father and she's called to the Principal's room.


Emily Fields ignored the papers along with the influx of missed calls and texts from Emily.


Emily Fields wasn't wearing her wedding ring, which she assumed meant that she had moved on.


Emily Fields looked solemnly at a picture of her, Emily, and the twins on her mantle.