14 Facts About Alison Gopnik


Alison Gopnik was born on June 16,1955 and is an American professor of psychology and affiliate professor of philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley.


Alison Gopnik is known for her work in the areas of cognitive and language development, specializing in the effect of language on thought, the development of a theory of mind, and causal learning.


Alison Gopnik's writing on psychology and cognitive science has appeared in Science, Scientific American, The Times Literary Supplement, The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, New Scientist, Slate and others.


Alison Gopnik has frequently appeared on TV and radio including The Charlie Rose Show and The Colbert Report.


Alison Gopnik worked at the University of Toronto before joining the faculty at UC Berkeley in 1988.


Judea Pearl, developer of Bayesian networks, says Alison Gopnik was one of the first psychologists to note that the mathematical models resemble how children learn.


Alison Gopnik is, as of 2014, a Fellow of the Cognitive Science Society.

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Alison Gopnik is an authority on the philosophy of mind and a preeminent developmental psychologist.


Alison Gopnik is known for advocating the "theory theory" which postulates that the same mechanisms used by scientists to develop scientific theories are used by children to develop causal models of their environment.


In 2009, Alison Gopnik published a paper in Hume Studies arguing that the historical record regarding the circumstances around David Hume's authoring of A Treatise of Human Nature are wrong.


Alison Gopnik argued that Hume had access to the library of the Royal College at La Fleche, a Jesuit institution that had been founded by Henri IV.


Alison Gopnik cites a number of letters from Hume that mention his time at La Fleche and his meeting with Jesuits from the college.


Alison Gopnik is the firstborn of six siblings who include Blake Gopnik, the Newsweek art critic, and Adam Gopnik, a writer for The New Yorker.


Alison Gopnik was formerly married to journalist George Lewinski and has three sons: Alexei, Nicholas, and Andres Gopnik-Lewinski.