20 Facts About Charlie Rose


Charlie Rose formerly substituted for the anchor of the CBS Evening News.


Charlie Rose was born in Henderson, North Carolina, the only child of Margaret and Charles Peete Charlie Rose Sr.


Charlie Rose said in a Fresh Dialogues interview that as a child, his insatiable curiosity was constantly getting him in trouble.


Charlie Rose earned a JD from the Duke University School of Law in 1968.


Charlie Rose met his wife, Mary, while attending Duke.


Charlie Rose's "break" came in 1974, after Bill Moyers hired him as managing editor for the PBS series Bill Moyers' International Report.


In 1990, Charlie Rose left CBS to serve as anchor of Personalities, a Fox TV-produced syndicated program, but six weeks into production and unhappy with the show's soundbite-driven populist tabloid-journalism approach to stories, he left.


In 1994, Charlie Rose moved the show to a studio owned by Bloomberg LP, which allowed for high-definition video via satellite-remote interviews.


Charlie Rose was a correspondent for 60 Minutes II from its inception in January 1999 until its cancellation in September 2005, and was named a correspondent on 60 Minutes in 2008.


Charlie Rose was a member of the board of directors of Citadel Broadcasting Corporation from 2003 to 2009.


In 2009, Charlie Rose encouraged a discussion between the leaders of NBC and Fox News that eventually led to a mutual reduction in ad hominem attacks between Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly on their respective news programs.


Charlie Rose was awarded the 2014 Vincent Scully Prize by the National Building Museum.


Charlie Rose received an honorary doctorate from the State University of New York at Oswego on October 16,2014, during the college's annual Lewis B O'Donnell Media Summit, for his contributions in the broadcast, media, and television industries.


Charlie Rose was married to Mary Charlie Rose from 1968 until their divorce in 1980.


Charlie Rose's surgery was performed under the supervision of Alain Carpentier, a pioneer of the procedure.


Charlie Rose returned to the air on June 12,2006, with Bill Moyers and Yvette Vega, to discuss his surgery and recuperation.


Charlie Rose owns a large house in Henderson, North Carolina, a 5,500-square-foot beach home in Bellport, New York, and an apartment in The Sherry-Netherland of New York City, each worth several million dollars.


Charlie Rose is a member of the Deepdale Golf Club on Long Island and the Council on Foreign Relations.


Charlie Rose's firing as a co-anchor on CBS This Morning was covered by CBS, the day after the report was published.


Charlie Rose was sued for verbal harassment by Gina Riggi, his former makeup artist of 20 years.