17 Facts About Alison Stewart


Alison Stewart was born on July 4,1966 and is an American journalist and author.


Alison Stewart attended Brown University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and American literature.


Alison Stewart began her broadcasting career there, where she was the music director for the school's radio station, WBRU.


In 1988 Alison Stewart began her career as an assistant at MTV.


Alison Stewart began reporting and producing during MTV's first "Choose or Lose" campaign, which covered the 1992 presidential race.


Alison Stewart contributed segments to other MTV News shows in the 1990s including Megadose and MTV News: Unfiltered.


Alison Stewart hosted specials including the Real World Reunion in 1995.


Alison Stewart reported for several of the network's news programs, including CBS News Sunday Morning, 48 Hours, and Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel.


In 2003, Alison Stewart moved from ABC News to MSNBC, where she was a daytime anchor and primary substitute host for Countdown with Keith Olbermann and The Rachel Maddow Show.


Alison Stewart occasionally filled in as a newsreader on NBC's Weekend Today.


Alison Stewart married MSNBC Vice President of Programming Bill Wolff in November 2006.


Alison Stewart joined NPR in May 2007 to host a multi-platform morning drive show, The Bryant Park Project, which targeted an online audience, younger listeners and adults ages 25 to 44.


Alison Stewart returned from maternity leave to host the show's last week, July 21 to 25,2008.


In late 2011, Alison Stewart returned to CBS News to report a story on cheating on standardized college admissions tests for 60 Minutes that aired on January 1,2012.


Alison Stewart returned to PBS as a special correspondent in 2016 and served as a fill-in anchor for NewsHour Weekend and Charlie Rose.


Alison Stewart continues to contribute to PBS and is a contributor at The Atlantic LIVE.


Alison Stewart is the host of the book club live event series, Get Lit With All Of It.