18 Facts About Alistair Taylor


James Alistair Taylor was an English personal assistant of Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles.


Alistair Taylor subsequently worked as the group's so-called "Mr Fixit", devising escape routes from crazed fans and assisting the band members in purchasing property.


Alistair Taylor later became general manager of Apple Corps but was fired soon after Allen Klein arrived to address the company's financial problems.


Alistair Taylor published various memoirs of his years in the Beatles' employ, including Yesterday: The Beatles Remembered and With the Beatles.


Alistair Taylor was then successfully interviewed by Brian Epstein for a job as a salesman at North End Music Stores in 1960.


Alistair Taylor later claimed to have invented the name of Raymond Jones and placed an order for "My Bonnie" at the main NEMS shop.


Alistair Taylor accompanied Epstein to the Cavern Club when the latter first saw the Beatles play, at a lunchtime performance on 9 November 1961.


In 1962, Alistair Taylor worked for Pye Records for 15 months, and moved to London due to his wife's asthma.


Alistair Taylor was responsible for resolving the copyright issues surrounding the group's use of celebrity photographs on Peter Blake's cover for Sgt.


When George Harrison and Pattie Boyd were house-hunting in 1969, the couple sought anonymity by having Alistair Taylor act as Boyd's respectable husband while Harrison adopted the role of chauffeur.


In what author Ian MacDonald describes as "a whimsical control-room exchange", Alistair Taylor can be heard apologising to George Martin, the Beatles' producer, asking forgiveness for not bringing him a bottle of claret.


Alistair Taylor considered Eastman a "hard-faced star-chaser from the United States", eager to separate McCartney from any friends who had been close to his former fiancee, Jane Asher.


Alistair Taylor moved into record producing for a short time but, along with his wife, Lesley, whom he had married in 1959, he felt it was time for a change.


The couple ran a tea-room in nearby Lea, and Alistair Taylor later worked in a factory and in a hotel before his retirement.


Alistair Taylor enjoyed participating in Beatles fan conventions around the world and he regularly appeared on radio both in the UK and the US.


Alistair Taylor served as the "business development director", promoting a new musical act called Smoke.


Alistair Taylor died in his sleep on 9 June 2004 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, after a short bronchial illness.


In 2016 Alistair Taylor was honoured with a blue heritage plaque at The Brindley theatre in Runcorn.