17 Facts About Allan Sloan


Allan Sloan was born on 1944 and is an American journalist, formerly senior editor at large at Fortune magazine.


Allan Sloan is currently a columnist for The Washington Post.


Allan Sloan attended the Jewish Theological Seminary for two years while he was an undergraduate at Brooklyn College.


Allan Sloan has spoken about the economy on television shows such as Charlie Rose, The Colbert Report and regularly on American Public Media's Marketplace found on NPR.


Allan Sloan had been complaining about the student newspaper when his English professor told him that if he thought he could do a better job, then go to work for the paper.


Allan Sloan began his first job writing, in 1969, with the Charlotte Observer; he originally wanted to be a sports writer, but he was assigned to writing about real estate.


Allan Sloan continued working as a journalist, first as a business reporter for the Detroit Free Press, and later, as a staff writer for Money magazine.

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Allan Sloan worked as an associated editor for Forbes magazine and as senior editor.


Allan Sloan was a syndicated columnist for Newsday, before leaving for Newsweek.


In 1995, Allan Sloan began working for Newsweek as their Wall Street editor.


In 2007, Allan Sloan left Newsweek and began working as Senior Editor at Large, for Fortune magazine.


In 2008, Allan Sloan won the Gerald Loeb Award for the seventh time; the prize was given for his story "House of Junk", which showed how subprime mortgages "went bad".


Allan Sloan went on, in the article, to describe how inverters hesitate when it's time to "ante up" and pay their fair share of taxes.


On July 22,2014, Allan Sloan spoke before the United States Senate Committee on Finance, and suggested in closing, that it would be "absolutely tragic" if Congress allowed politics to stop reforms that were needed and allow the subject to dissolve into soundbites and rhetoric.


Allan Sloan left Fortune in 2014, with his last article published in December 2014.


Allan Sloan has received many awards over the span of his more than 50-year career.


Allan Sloan was picked as the Business Journalist of the Decade, by Talking Biz News for the first decade of the 21st century.