11 Facts About Allders


Allders was an independent department store operating in the United Kingdom.

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Allders's shop was diverse, with special offers on silk dresses and a morning dress section, and departments offering lower-cost items such as buttons and ribbons.

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Allders supported greater rights for his workers, being instrumental in getting local stores closed for a half-day on Wednesdays.

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Allders continued to expand, reaching £1 million turnover in 1958 and £3 million by 1963.

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In 1983 the Lyons family sold the UDS Group to Hanson plc and Allders became a flagship company of the group, with Lord Hanson appearing on Allders' roof in TV adverts.

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Allders expanded with new stores opening in Basildon and Chatham and in many international airports as duty-free concessions.

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In September 1996 Allders purchased a number of department stores from the Owen Owen group that traded under the Lewis's and Owen Owen names.

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In 1997 Allders acquired the bankrupt Maples furniture brand and seven of its retail outlets.

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Shares in Allders crashed in 1998 after disappointing sales and difficulties integrating the Maples furniture group.

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The land and store that Allders leased had regular break clauses to the benefit of the "virtual freehold leaseholder" held by Minerva plc subsidiary companies for 250 years.

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In 2018 Allders purchased the rights to the Co-op Department Store in Paisley at the Paisley Centre and set up a department store on three floors.

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