10 Facts About Allen Swift


Ira Stadlen, known professionally as Allen Swift, was an American voice actor, best known for voicing cartoon characters Simon Bar Sinister and Riff-Raff on the Underdog cartoon show.

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Allen Swift took his professional name from radio comedian Fred Allen and 18th century satirist Jonathan Swift.

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Captain Alan Swift was an early television star who hosted The Popeye Show from September 10,1956, to September 23,1960, until he was forced to leave the program due to creative differences with station management.

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Allen Swift is best known for providing the fiendish voices for the cartoon villains Simon Bar Sinister and Riff-Raff on the Underdog cartoon show.

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Allen Swift supplied most of the character voices for the NBC Howdy Doody Show.

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When Buffalo Bob Smith—who himself did the voice of the lead puppet character Howdy Doody and had many times proclaimed that "nobody else could do Howdy"—suffered a heart attack, Allen Swift took home some recordings over the weekend, came back on Monday, and supplied Howdy's voice for more than a year.

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Allen Swift became the second comedy writer for Howdy Doody following the abrupt departure of the series' first comedy writer and songwriter, Edward Kean.

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Allen Swift provided the original voice of the Frito Bandito in the animated Fritos Corn Chips commercials of the 1960s.

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Allen Swift played Captain Cupcake in the Hostess Brands commercials.

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Allen Swift was a gifted figurative painter, creating and exhibiting landscapes and figures reminiscent of those of artists Leland Bell and Fairfield Porter.

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