10 Facts About Alley Oop


Alley Oop, the strip's title character, is a sturdy citizen in the prehistoric kingdom of Moo.

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Alley Oop was transported to the 20th century by an early test of the machine .

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Alley Oop became Dr Wonmug's man in the field, embarking on expeditions to various periods in history, such as Ancient Egypt, the England of Robin Hood, and the American frontier.

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Alley Oop met historical or mythical figures such as Cleopatra, King Arthur, and Ulysses in his adventures.

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Alley Oop once drove an experimental electric-powered race car, and he has space-traveled to Venus, the moon, and "Earth-Two".

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In 1995, Alley Oop was one of 20 strips showcased in the Comic Strip Classics series of commemorative United States postage stamps.

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In 1978, Alley Oop was adapted to animation as a segment of Filmation's Saturday morning cartoon series Fabulous Funnies, appearing intermittently alongside other comic-strip favorites: The Captain and the Kids, Broom-Hilda, Emmy Lou, Tumbleweeds, and Nancy.

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Alley Oop regained the name Tunk in 1961 and from then on it stuck.

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For example, when Alley Oop was first brought to the 20th century, the Sunday storyline showed him doing little more than figuring out modern clothing and calmly running a few errands, whereas the daily strip had him roving all around the countryside in cars, trains, and planes, wreaking havoc and making headlines as the "Phantom Ape".

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Little Alley Oop was first set in a land of Moo that is anachronistic in a way similar to the Flintstones' "modern stone age", but he met a time-traveling child named Penelope who brought him to the modern era .

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