13 Facts About Allison DuBois


Allison DuBois was born on January 24,1972 and is an American author and purported medium.


Allison DuBois was born in Phoenix, Arizona, where she attended both North High School in Phoenix and Corona del Sol High School in Tempe.


Allison DuBois refers to herself as a medium and profiler, rather than a psychic, because of the negative connotation she feels is associated with the term "psychic".


Impressed, Schwartz conducted a series of interviews, including one in which Allison DuBois stated she contacted the late husband of a woman in England, knowing only the woman's name.


Several details of Arquette's character match Allison DuBois's life, such as the name of her husband on the show and the fact that he is an aerospace engineer.


Skeptic James Randi says that people such as Allison DuBois give the appearance of psychic powers through cold reading techniques.


For example, Allison DuBois, when doing her first reading of Schwartz, told him that his deceased friend was telling her, "I don't walk alone", which Schwartz understood to be a reference to his friend's confinement to a wheelchair, which Allison DuBois could not have known about.

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James Randi

Randi asserts that experiments that allegedly yield positive results of psychic powers, such as the ones done with Allison DuBois, are not conducted using proper scientific controls.


In light of Schwartz's assertion that "some" of his experiments with Allison DuBois were performed under such conditions, Randi questions why the rest of them were not, and points to a report demonstrating that a few of Schwartz's experiments were not performed according to standard scientific protocol.


In 2005, Randi offered to have Allison DuBois tested for his One Million Dollar Challenge.


Allison DuBois is married to Joe Klupar and they have three daughters: Aurora, Fallon, and Sophia.


In 2010, Allison DuBois made a one-time appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at a dinner party hosted by Camille Grammer.


Allison DuBois is the author of six books dealing with mediumship.