22 Facts About James Randi

1. James Randi retired from practicing magic aged 60, and from the JREF aged 87.

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2. James Randi told the team they should supply their own props and guard them absolutely from Geller and his people.

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3. James Randi had a series of small tumors removed from his intestines during laparoscopic surgery.

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4. In 1987, James Randi became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

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5. In February 1988, James Randi tested the gullibility of the media by perpetrating a hoax of his own.

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6. James Randi has appeared on numerous TV shows, sometimes to directly debunk the claimed abilities of fellow guests.

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7. In 2010, James Randi was one of 16 new CSI fellows elected by its board.

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8. James Randi traveled the world on behalf of CSICOP, becoming its public face, and according to Hyman, the face of the skeptical movement.

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9. James Randi was on his way to becoming a paranormal superstar.

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10. James Randi is a frequent contributor to Skeptical Inquirer magazine, which is published by CSI, of which he is a Fellow.

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11. James Randi was a member of the all-male literary banqueting club the Trap Door Spiders, which served as the basis of his good friend Isaac Asimov's fictional group of mystery solvers, the Black Widowers.

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12. James Randi is currently working on A Magician in the Laboratory, which recounts his application of skepticism to science.

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13. James Randi wrote a children's book in 1989 titled The Magic World of the Amazing Randi, which introduced children to magic tricks.

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14. James Randi built several of the stage props, including the guillotine.

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15. James Randi auditioned for a revival of the 1950s children's show The Magic Clown in 1970, which showed briefly in Detroit and in Kenya, but was never picked up.

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16. James Randi hosted numerous television specials and went on several world tours.

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17. James Randi was a frequent guest on the Long John Nebel program on New York radio station WOR, and did character voices for commercials.

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18. James Randi witnessed many tricks that were presented as being supernatural.

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19. James Randi confounded doctors who expected he would never walk again.

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20. James Randi has written about paranormal phenomena, skepticism, and the history of magic.

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21. James Randi retired from practicing magic at age 60, and from the JREF at 87.

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22. James Randi is the founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

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