17 Facts About Allschwil


Allschwil is a town and a municipality in the district of Arlesheim in the canton of Basel-Country in Switzerland.

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Allschwil is a seamless suburb of Basel and is located between Basel to the east and Alsace in France to the west.

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Region around Allschwil has been occupied since at least the Middle Paleolithic.

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Allschwil was part of the Herrschaft of Birseck, which was given in 1004 as an imperial donation to the Bishop of Basel.

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The town of Allschwil was located along the Alsace-Solothurn via Passwang pass trading route along the border.

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Allschwil was one of the seven so-called free villages and was therefore under the parish of St John's Chapel at Basel's cathedral for baptism and high church festivals.

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Accusations of horse theft and Jewish plans to build a synagogue in Allschwil led to an expulsion decree in 1694 from the Bishop.

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The parish of Allschwil included Schonbuch, Hesingue and until 1611, Hegenheim .

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Unlike most of the villages in the Birseck region, Allschwil reacted negatively to French rule, and even had a small rebellion in 1794.

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In 1815 Allschwil became part of the Canton of Basel and when the canton split in 1833, it became part of the new canton of Basel-Country.

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Today, Allschwil is focused on light industry including industrial metals, paper industry and chemistry.

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Allschwil experienced a massive population growth between 1850 and 1970 thanks to immigration from Basel.

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Allschwil is a suburb of Basel on the west and has the border with France on two sides.

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Entire village of Allschwil is designated as part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

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Allschwil is home to numerous companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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Allschwil is largely a residential bedroom community for the city of Basel, with some light industry, notably in electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotech.

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Allschwil is currently served by the following BVB and BLT Lines:.

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