20 Facts About Alma Halliwell


Alma Halliwell is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera Coronation Street, played by Amanda Barrie.

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Alma Halliwell remained in the show for a further 13 years, featuring in high-profile storylines such as a problematic marriage to the long-running character Mike Baldwin, kidnapping, and a supermarket siege.

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Barrie decided to leave the soap in 2001, and Alma Halliwell was killed-off in a controversial cervical cancer storyline.

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Alma Halliwell is first introduced in 1981 as the wife of cafe owner, Jim Sedgewick.

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The marriage is a disaster and when Alma Halliwell falls pregnant a year later, she has an abortion rather than bring a child into their loveless home.

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Alma Halliwell has a tempestuous on-off relationship with Mike Baldwin.

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Alma Halliwell is often the motherly, sympathetic, liberal-minded character in many storylines, particularly off-setting her husband Mike's often harsh and high-minded attitudes.

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Alma Halliwell considers straying briefly with Stephen Reid - son of Audrey Roberts and Gail's half-brother - in 1996.

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Alma Halliwell makes a pass at him but is rebuffed and is hurt further when Mike responds with nonchalance to the incident.

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Alma Halliwell feels sympathy for Don after Mike sells him a garage business at a knowingly inflated price and then watches him go bankrupt.

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Alma Halliwell's last act is to steal Alma's car and drive into the viaduct at the end of Coronation Street, killing himself.

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Alma Halliwell is involved in an armed siege there in 2000, coincidentally along with Mike and Ken amongst others, in which one gunman is shot dead by the police.

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Alma Halliwell is supported by her friends and opts to die at home with the people she loves.

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The cancer claims her life within weeks; Alma Halliwell passes away at Audrey's home in Grasmere Drive on 17 June 2001, aged 55, with Mike and her friends surrounding her, and her last appearance is three days later when at her wake Audrey plays a goodbye video she'd shot shortly before her death.

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William Roache who plays Ken Barlow has stated that of all Mike's many women in the serial, he always felt that Alma Halliwell was Mike's true love, the one that was right and good for him.

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Barrie has discussed the way she approached playing the romance between Mike and Alma Halliwell, suggesting that as Alma Halliwell she treated Mike in the same way that she [Barrie] treated Briggs off-set, poking fun at him.

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One of the character's most notable storylines was her kidnapping by Don Brennan, who attempted to kill Alma Halliwell by driving her into the River Irwell in a bid for revenge on Mike Baldwin.

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Alma Halliwell has been a much-loved character and we truly appreciate her loyalty and commitment to the show.

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Alma Halliwell has had her fair share of ups and downs with men in the past and she sees Frank a dependable chap to see out her days with.

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Alma Halliwell is agonising about starting a new life away from Weatherfield with Frank and his children Joe and Danny.

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