13 Facts About Johnny Contardo


Johnny Contardo was born on December 23,1951 and is a former singer with the musical group Sha Na Na, which he left in 1983.

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Johnny Contardo was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

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Johnny Contardo's first singing experience was at the age of six, in a Boston church choir.

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Johnny Contardo's mother took him into night clubs when he was a teen to perform for audiences.

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Johnny Contardo discovered that he had stage presence and personality in addition to his singing talent.

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At age 19, Johnny Contardo took a minor role in a Boston production of the musical Hair.

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Johnny Contardo then received an offer to be understudy for the lead role on Broadway, and an offer to join Sha Na Na.

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Johnny Contardo performed many ballads, doo-wop, and rock and roll songs on the program.

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Johnny Contardo appeared in a minor role in the movie Scarface, released two albums and did live performances.

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In 2005, Johnny Contardo returned to show business at the urging of his fans.

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Johnny Contardo rehearsed in his garage, then made his comeback in a show in Florida, with headliner Frankie Avalon, who had appeared in Grease.

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Johnny Contardo sang a few songs and a duet with Bowzer at Bowzer's Rock 'N' Roll Party Volume VI, held in Connecticut.

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Johnny Contardo enjoys cooking and runs a catering business in California.

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