13 Facts About Alpe d'Huez


Alpe d'Huez is known internationally as an iconic cycling venue, as it is used regularly in the Tour de France cycle race, including twice on the same day in 2013.

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Site of the Alpe d'Huez has been permanently occupied since the Middle Ages.

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Alpe d'Huez has an altiport, the Alpe d'Huez Airport, built for the 10th Winter Olympics held at Grenoble in 1968.

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Alpe d'Huez has a modern and original church, the appearance of which recalls a silhouette of the Virgin Mary.

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At that time the resort was seen as a competitor to Courchevel as France's most upmarket purpose built resort but the development of Les Trois Vallees, Val d'Isere, Tignes, La Plagne and Les Arcs saw Alpe D'Huez fall from favour in the 1970s and early 1980s.

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Alpe d'Huez drove his Panhard Dyna car between snow banks that lined the road in March 1952, invited by a consortium of businesses who had opened hotels at the summit.

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Eric Muller, the mayor of Alpe d'Huez said there were 350,000 in 2001, four years later despite acceptance that the number rises every year.

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Alpe d'Huez has been nicknamed the "Dutch Mountain", since Dutchmen won eight of the first 14 finishes in le Tour De France.

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Alpe d'Huez won the stage, the lead in the general classification, and kept it till the end of the race.

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Alpe d'Huez gained enough time to threaten the leader, Bernard Thevenet.

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Alpe d'Huez was still clear on the Alpe when a car drove into him.

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Zoetemelk has his name on two of the hairpin turns at Alp Alpe d'Huez being one of the select few riders to win this stage twice; once in 1976 and once in 1979.

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Alpe d'Huez won alone to the cacophony of broadcasters who had arrived to report his progress.

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