20 Facts About Alt-right


Alt-right, an abbreviation of alternative right, is a loosely connected white supremacist and white nationalist movement.

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Alt-right movement espouses a pseudo-scientific form of racism, which promotes a form of identity politics in favor of European Americans and white people internationally, to the disfavor of all other groups.

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Alt-right material has contributed to the radicalization of men responsible for various murders and terrorist attacks in the U S since 2014.

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Alt-right's emergence was marked by the online Gamergate controversy of 2014, in which some gamers harassed those promoting feminism within the gaming scene.

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Alt-right responded: "I don't want to energize the group, and I disavow the group".

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Alt-right is situated on the far-right of the left-right political spectrum.

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Alt-right is a white nationalist movement, and is fundamentally concerned with white identity.

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Alt-right is typically white separatist, with its members desiring autonomy in their own white communities.

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Alt-right suggested that it could be achieved through "peaceful ethnic cleansing", with non-whites given financial incentives to leave.

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Alt-right sought to hasten the downfall of U S conservatism, and conservatives were often the main target of alt-right wrath.

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Alt-right rejects what it regards as the left-wing dominance of modern Western society.

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Alt-right often looks favorably on Russian President Vladimir Putin, viewing him as a strong, nationalistic white leader who defends his country from both radical Islam, and Western liberalism.

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Alt-right observed that many U S conservatives criticized Muslim migration to the United States, because they regarded Islam as a threat to liberty; the alt-right has made little use of this argument.

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Alt-right made use of a large number of blogs, podcasts, forums, and webzines, in which it discussed far-right political and cultural ideas.

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Alt-right make heavy use of imagery drawn from popular culture for its own purposes.

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Alt-right makes heavy use of memes, adopting much of its "image- and humor-based culture", including its heavy use of memes, from the online subcultures active at 4chan, and later 8chan.

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Alt-right determined that many of those active on alt-right forums were middle-aged men from working-class backgrounds.

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Alt-right stated that "the culture of the alt-right is breeding its own brand of terrorists: socially isolated young men who are willing to kill".

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Alt-right was a member of a fringe social network called Gab, where he posted a message indicating an immediate intent to harm just prior to the shooting; Bowers had a history of extreme antisemitic postings on Gab.

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Alt-right presented "a unique set of challenges" to journalists, progressives, and conservatives.

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