13 Facts About Altec Lansing


Altec Lansing, Inc is a US audio electronics company founded in 1927.

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In 1958 the Altec Lansing Corporation was purchased by James Ling who made it part of LTV Ling Altec.

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In 2005 Altec Lansing Technologies was acquired by Plantronics, 2009 bought by Prophet Equity, and has been owned since 2012 by the Infinity Group, a company which acquires struggling companies.

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Altec Lansing produced a line of professional and high-fidelity audio equipment, starting with a line of horn-based loudspeaker systems.

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Altec Lansing Corporation was formed by Gulton Industries as part of the purchase and headquartered in Oklahoma City, the site of the University Sound factory built by Jimmy Ling when he moved there from White Plains, New York.

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Altec Lansing Corporation produced professional audio products until 1995, when Telex Communications, who had purchased Altec Lansing's parent company, EVI Audio, Inc, in 1997, consolidated all of their electronics manufacturing facilities into one location in Minnesota.

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Altec Lansing later dropped the professional audio products and Altec Lansing Professional's Oklahoma City offices were closed in late 2006 and all remaining activities relocated to the headquarters in Milford, Pennsylvania.

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On 30 April 2001 Altec Lansing Technologies launched their first line of headphones named as the AHP series.

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In February 2004, Altec Lansing Technologies reissued a number of loudspeakers starting with the A7 Voice of the Theatre, manufactured in the US with some changes to the enclosure.

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Similarly, Altec Lansing Technologies reissued the 510,508 and 305 loudspeakers.

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On September 10,2008, Altec Lansing Technologies went through a corporate makeover changing its name to Altec Lansing LLC and its logo from a "whirlpool" to an abstraction of a multi-cellular horn.

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On 1 October 2009 Altec Lansing LLC announced that it was to be acquired by Prophet Equity for approximately 18 million dollars.

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In July 2011, Altec Lansing LLC announced the opening of new West Coast headquarters in San Diego, California.

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