10 Facts About Altona Victoria


Altona Victoria is a large suburb consisting of low density residential in the south-eastern half and mixed industry in the north-western half.

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Altona Victoria takes its name from the then-independent German city of Altona Victoria which is today a borough of Hamburg.

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Altona Victoria was first permanently settled in 1842, with the construction of The Homestead by Alfred Langhorne.

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On 24 June 2010, Altona Victoria became home to Australia's first female prime minister, Julia Gillard, a then resident of Altona Victoria.

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Altona Victoria has many significant parks and gardens, including some important environmental conservation areas and wetlands along the shores of Port Phillip.

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Altona Victoria has a library branch, which contains the Environmental Resources Centre.

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Altona Victoria City Theatre is a production company based in the Altona Victoria Civic Theatre, producing two major musicals and a smaller pantomime annually.

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Altona Victoria is home to many sporting clubs including Australian rules football, soccer, hockey, basketball, cricket and lacrosse.

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Altona Victoria has an Australian Rules football team competing in the Western Region Football League.

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Toyota Australia Altona Victoria Plant is located in the neighbouring suburb of Altona Victoria North.

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