12 Facts About Alyque Padamsee


Alyque Padamsee was an Indian theatre personality and ad film maker.

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Alyque Padamsee played Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the 1982 British period film Gandhi.

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Besides being involved in Indian theatre as an actor and producer, Padamsee was an advertising professional who once headed the advertising company Lintas Bombay.

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Alyque Padamsee was born in Bombay in 1928 into a traditional Khoja Muslim Ismaili family hailing from the Kutch region of Gujarat.

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Alyque Padamsee's father, Jafferseth Alyque Padamsee, was an affluent businessman who owned 10 buildings and ran a glassware and furniture business.

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Alyque Padamsee's first wife was Pearl Alyque Padamsee, a Christian lady born to a Jewish mother and Christian father.

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Alyque Padamsee then had an extended relationship with Dolly Thakore, and for all intents and purposes they were assumed to be husband and wife by the world.

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Alyque Padamsee then married Sharon Prabhakar, with whom he has a daughter, Shazahn Alyque Padamsee.

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Alyque Padamsee went on to become the Regional Co-ordinator of Lintas South Asia.

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Alyque Padamsee was the only Indian to be voted into the International Clio Hall of Fame, the Oscars of World Advertising.

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Alyque Padamsee was Chairman of the London Institute of Corporate Training at which he conducted courses on leadership training and ideation.

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Alyque Padamsee is known for his English language theatre productions in India like Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Tuglaq, and his latest, Broken Images, which was invited to the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC in 2011.

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