16 Facts About Amanda Nguyen


Amanda N Nguyen was born on c 1991 and is a social entrepreneur, civil rights activist, and the CEO and founder of Rise, a non-governmental civil rights organization.

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In recognition of her work, Amanda Nguyen was nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize and was named one of the 2022 Time Women of the Year.

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Amanda Nguyen's has received the 24th Annual Heinz Award in Public Policy, Time 100 Next, Forbes 30 Under 30, and was credited as a Top 100 Global Thinker by Foreign Policy.

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Amanda Nguyen earned a Bachelor of Arts at Harvard University, graduating in 2013.

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Amanda Nguyen's worked as the Deputy White House Liaison for the U S Department of State.

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Amanda Nguyen's left her job at the State Department in 2016 to work full-time at Rise.

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Amanda Nguyen is on the board of directors of GivingTuesday, and R Street.

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Amanda Nguyen chose not to press charges immediately since she did not feel she had the necessary time and resources to participate in a trial that could potentially last for years.

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Amanda Nguyen's was not given official instructions on how to file for an extension.

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Amanda Nguyen considered this system to be broken, partially because the extension request would be an unnecessary reminder of a traumatizing experience.

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Amanda Nguyen met other survivors with similar stories and concluded that the current legal protections were insufficient.

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Amanda Nguyen headed the organization in her spare time until September 2016.

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Amanda Nguyen explained that the organization was named Rise to "remind us that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can rise up and change the world".

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Amanda Nguyen's has travelled to Japan where a similar bill was presented.

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In July 2015, Amanda Nguyen met with New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen to discuss legislation that would protect survivor rights on the federal level.

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Legislation that Amanda Nguyen had helped draft was introduced to Congress in February 2016 by Shaheen.

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