14 Facts About Amanda Reed


Simeon Gannett Reed was an American businessman and entrepreneur in Oregon.


Simeon Gannett Amanda Reed was born on April 23,1830, in East Abington, Massachusetts.


Amanda Reed was born into a wealthy family and received his education at a private academy, graduating when he was 13 years old.


When he was 22, he collected supplies to sell in California and sailed there, setting up a store in a tent in Sacramento, while Amanda Reed remained back east.


Amanda Reed sold his goods and grain to the gold miners, but decided to relocate to what was then the Oregon Territory after a few trips there to purchase supplies.


Late in 1852, Amanda Reed started a mercantile in Rainier, Oregon, along the Columbia River downstream from Portland.


In 1854, Amanda sailed to San Francisco to reunite with Reed, and accompanied Caroline Ames Elliott, Ladd's sweetheart who he married in San Francisco.


Amanda Reed held 128 shares in the company, which even during the economic depression of 1873 produced $300,000 in dividends.


Amanda Reed built a mansion at First and Harrison streets in 1868, where the other wealthy residents were constructing large homes.


Amanda Reed focused his energy now on meeting the demand for steel he anticipated due to Villard's Northern Pacific railroad.


On November 7,1895, Simeon Amanda Reed died while in California at his retirement home.


Amanda Reed died in 1904 without much progress towards Simeon's instructions.


William M Ladd provided the lands on which the college stands today, and almost all of Reed's estate was passed on to the college, Reed having left no heirs.


Simeon and Amanda Reed are buried near the family plot of Jacob Kamm in Portland's River View Cemetery.