20 Facts About Amartithi


Amartithi taught that the goal of all beings was to gain consciousness of their own divinity, and to realise the absolute oneness of God.

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Amartithi's tomb has become a place of pilgrimage for his followers, often known as "Baba lovers".

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Amartithi described the phenomenal world as illusory, and presented the idea that the Universe is imagination.

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Amartithi taught that God alone exists, and each soul is God passing through imagination in order to realize its own divinity.

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Amartithi presented advice to followers wishing to attain God-realization, and thereby escape the wheel of birth and death.

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Amartithi's legacy includes the Avatar Meher Baba Charitable Trust he established in India, a handful of centers for information and pilgrimage.

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Amartithi has had influence on pop culture creators and introduced the common phrase "Don't worry; be happy".

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Amartithi was a self-identified Sufi, and considered a leader of the Californian branch of Western Sufism, though his version of Sufism shared very few similarities with the Sufi Movement, apart from universalism and anti-dogmatism.

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Amartithi was named Merwan Sheriar Irani, the second son of Sheriar Irani and Shireen Irani.

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Amartithi was cycling past a tree that she had made her abode, when she called to him.

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Amartithi then encountered Upasni Maharaj, who he later said helped him to integrate his mystical experiences with ordinary consciousness, thus enabling him to function in the world without diminishing his experience of God-realization.

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Amartithi traveled widely, held public gatherings, and engaged in works of charity with lepers and the poor.

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Amartithi now communicated first through chalk and slate, then by an alphabet board, and later via a repertoire of gestures unique to him.

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Amartithi traveled on a Persian passport, as he had given up writing, as well as speaking, and would not sign the forms required by the British government of India.

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Amartithi made provisions for those dependent on him, after which he and his companions otherwise gave up nearly all property and financial responsibilities.

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Amartithi then traveled to Meher Mount at Ojai, California before continuing on to Australia.

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Amartithi's body was kept available to the public for one week before its final burial.

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Amartithi's mandali decided to proceed with the arrangements despite the absence of the host.

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Amartithi communicated first by using an alphabet board and later by unique hand gestures which were interpreted and spoken out by one of his mandali, usually by his disciple Eruch Jessawala.

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Amartithi's metaphysics is mostly found in his principal book on the subject, God Speaks.

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