12 Facts About Amazon Drive


Amazon Drive, formerly known as Amazon Cloud Drive, was a cloud storage application managed by Amazon.

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Amazon Drive lets their US users order photo prints and photo books using the Amazon Prints service.

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Today, Amazon Drive offers free unlimited photo storage with an Amazon Prime subscription or a Fire Tablet device, and a paid limited storage service.

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On July 29,2022, Amazon announced that the service would be discontinued on December 31,2023 as Amazon Photos provided the same features as Drive.

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Amazon Drive first announced the storage service on March 29,2011, initially offering pay-as-you-need tiered storage plans for the users.

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On 15 November 2017, Amazon Drive removed the unlimited storage plans for Canadian customers as well.

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For customers in these countries, Amazon Drive doesn't offer an expansion plan, neither tier-based nor unlimited, to store media files exceeding the limited 5GB.

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Amazon Drive has released a desktop application supported for both Mac and Windows designed as a drop panel allowing users to drag and drop their files to initiate uploading.

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Amazon Drive offers free smartphone application for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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In September 2016, Amazon Drive has launched Amazon Prints in US through which users can edit their photos to order prints and photo books from the application.

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Amazon Drive is built into Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Video application in other media players and Smart TVs Having these devices, users can browse their personal photos and videos on large TV screens or view them as a slideshow.

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Amazon Drive streaming is not available for videos longer than 20 minutes or larger than 2 GB, but these can be stored in Amazon Drive to download and watch offline.

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