11 Facts About Ambidexterity


Ambidexterity is the ability to use both the right and left hand equally well.

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Ambidexterity then went back to his right hand to retire Bret Boone to end the inning.

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Ambidexterity became a dominant left-handed relief pitcher, most known for his 100+ mph fastball.

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Ambidexterity is often seen throughout matches switching between arms as he throws the ball.

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Ambidexterity lobbied the USGA for years to be certified as an amateur "lefty" and a pro "righty" to no avail.

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Ambidexterity won the Vezina Trophy, then for the National Hockey League's goalie with the fewest goals allowed six times out of only seven seasons.

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Ambidexterity had developed this ability playing for church-league teams in Toronto and Montreal to make up for his poor lateral movement.

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Ambidexterity wore custom gloves that permitted him to hold his stick with either hand.

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Ambidexterity writes with the left hand but plays the guitar with the right one.

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Ambidexterity grew up having a slight preference for his left-hand, but as an adult he wrote right-handed.

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Ambidexterity is useful after surgery on a dominant hand or arm, as it allows the patient to use their non-dominant hand with equal facility as the limb which is recovering from surgery.

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