11 Facts About AMC Matador

1. The AMC Matador shared a modified platform with the full-size Ambassador line.

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2. The new AMC Matador was available in four-door sedan, two-door hardtop, and four-door station wagon body styles.

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3. Transmissions for the AMC Matador included the Borg-Warner sourced "Shift-Command" three-speed automatic, a column-shifted three-speed manual, and a floor-shifted four-speed manual.

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4. The previous Borg-Warner sourced "Shift-Command" three-speed automatic transmission was replaced by the Chrysler-built TorqueFlite three-speed automatic that AMC Matador marketed as "Torque-Command".

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5. Promotional and publicity efforts for the AMC Matador included sponsorship at NASCAR racing events.

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6. The AMC Matador was one of the first oval stock cars to use disc brakes.

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7. The US 1974 second-generation AMC Matador was assembled in Australia from December 1975 to December 1976.

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8. From late 1971, the AMI-built AMC Matador was available in sedan and wagon body styles.

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9. The full-sized stainless steel hubcaps with the writing "American Motors" which were used in the US and New Zealand 1970 Rebel and US 1971 AMC Matador were never available as an option in Australia.

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10. Apart from the hubcaps, externally the 1971 Australian AMC Matador was the same as the US 1971 model.

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11. The actual US 1972 AMC Matador was assembled by AMI from July 1972 with wagons assembled from November 1972.

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