19 Facts About James Bond


James Bond series focuses on a fictional British Secret Service agent created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short-story collections.

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James Bond films are renowned for a number of features, including the musical accompaniment, with the theme songs having received Academy Award nominations on several occasions, and three wins.

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James Bond is an intelligence officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6.

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James Bond is known by his code number, 007, and was a Royal Naval Reserve Commander.

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Name James Bond came from that of the American ornithologist James Bond, a Caribbean bird expert and author of the definitive field guide Birds of the West Indies.

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James Bond's tastes are often taken from Fleming's own as was his behaviour, with James Bond's love of golf and gambling mirroring Fleming's own.

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The book was the first to be written after the release of Dr No in cinemas, and Sean Connery's depiction of James Bond affected Fleming's interpretation of the character, henceforth giving James Bond both a dry sense of humour and Scottish antecedents that were not present in the previous stories.

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James Bond started the story shortly before his wedding to his pregnant girlfriend, Ann Charteris, in order to distract himself from his forthcoming nuptials.

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The documentary included James Bond in dramatised scenes fromGoldfinger—notably featuring 007 being threatened with the novel's circular saw, rather than the film's laser beam—and Diamonds Are Forever.

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Several comic book adaptations of the James Bond films have been published through the years: at the time of Dr No's release in October 1962, a comic book adaptation of the screenplay, written by Norman J Nodel, was published in Britain as part of the Classics Illustrated anthology series.

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New James Bond stories were drawn up and published from 1989 onwards through Marvel, Eclipse Comics, Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite Entertainment.

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James Bond played Bond a further six times over twelve years, before being replaced by Timothy Dalton for two films.

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James Bond used a variety of rifles, including the Savage Model 99 in "For Your Eyes Only" and a Winchester.

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James Bond has needed to drive a number of other vehicles, ranging from a Citroen 2CV to a Routemaster Bus, amongst others.

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Cinematically, James Bond has been a major influence within the spy genre since the release of Dr No in 1962, with 22 secret agent films released in 1966 alone attempting to capitalise on the James Bond franchise's popularity and success.

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One of the films that reacted against the portrayal of James Bond was the Harry Palmer series, whose first film, The Ipcress File, starring Michael Caine, was released in 1965.

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The Palmer series were produced by Harry Saltzman, who used key crew members from the Bond series, including designer Ken Adam, editor Peter R Hunt and composer John Barry.

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James Bond was placed at number 11 on a similar list by Empire and as the fifth greatest movie character of all time by Premiere.

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James Bond has been commemorated numerous times on a UK postage stamp issued by the Royal Mail, most recently in their March 2020 series to mark the 25th James Bond film release.

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