31 Facts About Royal Mail

1. In a statement, the Royal Mail said: "We understand how much our people value their pension benefits.

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2. Royal Mail announces plans to close 2500 Post Office branches.

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3. Royal Mail says 'severe cash constraints' mean it cannot pay customers hit by strikes.

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4. Royal Mail had a designated compartment for mail on G deck.

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5. Royal Mail has released their Delivery Matters reports for 2017 and the findings are interesting.

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6. The Royal Mail is to cut up to 3,000 managers' jobs under plans to reduce costs, it was announced yesterday.

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7. Royal Mail said it was testing new methods to deliver letters and ways of automating some deliveries in the UK to increase efficiency and cut costs.

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8. Royal Mail promises to 'pull all the levers' after pre-tax profits halve.

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9. The Daily Royal Mail reports that according to a palace insider, Meghan has been shaking up the royal norms.

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10. Royal Mail are having a bad Friday with consequent challenges for online retailers attempting to despatch parcels before the weekend.

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11. Royal Mail acquired Golden State Overnight in October 2016, and Postal Express in April 2017 for a combined value of GBP80 million.

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12. Royal Mail operated the London Post Office Railway, a network of driverless trains running on a private underground track, from 1927 until it closed it in 2003.

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13. In 2009, Royal Mail announced it was beginning to phase out bicycle deliveries, to be replaced with more push-trolleys and vans.

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14. Royal Mail is famous for its custom load-carrying bicycles, made by Pashley Cycles since 1971.

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15. Royal Mail operates an international mail sorting centre in Langley, Berkshire close to Heathrow Airport called the Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre to handle all international airmail arriving into and leaving the United Kingdom, plus some container and road transported mail.

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16. Royal Mail operates 66 intelligent letter sorting machines in the UK and were installed in the mid-1980s and early 1990s to improve the speed and efficiency of sorting and delivering mail.

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17. Royal Mail is collected and brought to one of the mail centres.

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18. Royal Mail is regulated by Ofcom, while consumer interests are represented by the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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19. Royal Mail suffered national wildcat strikes over pay and conditions in 2003.

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20. In 2011, Royal Mail established an in-house agency, Angard Staffing Solutions, to recruit temporary workers.

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21. As of 2013, Royal Mail employs around 150,000 permanent postal workers.

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22. In the face of such opposition, Royal Mail dropped the proposals in December 2012.

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23. Royal Mail runs, alongside its stamped mail services, another sector of post called business mail.

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24. Royal Mail confirmed that both sides had reached a proposed settlement on 4 December, and the CWU confirmed on 9 December 2013 that it would recommend the deal to its members.

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25. Royal Mail ended Sunday collections from pillar boxes that year.

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26. Royal Mail introduced Pricing in Proportion for first and second class inland mail, whereby prices are affected by the size as well as weight of items.

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27. On 1 January 2006, the Royal Mail lost its 350-year monopoly and the British postal market became fully open to competition.

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28. In 1999 Royal Mail launched a shorted-lived e-commerce venture, ViaCode Limited, aimed at providing encrypted online communications services.

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29. Royal Mail established Romec in 1989 to deliver facilities maintenance services to its business.

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30. The early Royal Mail Coaches were similar to ordinary family coaches but with Post Office livery.

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31. Royal Mail is a postal service and courier company in the United Kingdom, originally established in 1516.

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