12 Facts About Heathrow Airport

1. Heathrow Airport has 65 air traffic controllers who undergo three years of training overseen by the College of Air Traffic Control.

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2. Heathrow Airport employs a team of social media officers to keep an eye on airport related trends emerging on Twitter.

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3. Heathrow Airport handles more than 80 per cent of all long-haul passengers who come to the UK.

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4. Heathrow Airport is accessible via the nearby M4 motorway or A4 road, the M25 motorway (Terminals 4 and 5) and the A30 road (Terminal 4).

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5. Heathrow Airport falls entirely under the Twickenham postcode area, with the postcode TW6.

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6. Heathrow Airport is a crossroads for the world, serving 78 million passengers in 2017.

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7. Heathrow Airport was presented with a boarding pass by the British Airways CEO Willie Walsh for the first departing flight, BA302 to Paris.

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8. London Heathrow Airport is the primary hub for British Airways and the primary operating base for Virgin Atlantic.

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9. Heathrow Airport serves 180 places in 85 countries: New York, Dubai and Dublin are the top three destinations.

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10. The Colorado Springs Heathrow Airport features a "pot amnesty box" for travelers to dump their unused stash, no questions asked.

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11. Heathrow Airport has its own resident press corps, consisting of six photographers and one TV crew, serving all the major newspapers and television stations around the world.

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12. Heathrow Airport is used by over 80 airlines flying to 185 destinations in 84 countries.

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