11 Facts About London Underground

1. London Underground is a rapid transit system serving Greater London and some parts of the adjacent counties of Buckinghamshire, Essex and Hertfordshire in England.

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2. At the time, the term London Underground was selected from three other proposed names; 'Tube' and 'Electric' were both officially rejected.

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3. In 1984 control of London Buses and the London Underground passed back to central government with the creation of London Regional Transport, which reported directly to the Secretary of State for Transport, still retaining the London Transport brand.

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4. London Underground were strongly criticised in the aftermath for their attitude to fires underground, and publication of the report into the fire led to the resignation of senior management of both London Underground and London Regional Transport.

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5. In 2000, Transport for London Underground was created as an integrated body responsible for London Underground's transport system.

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6. The transfer of responsibility was staged, with transfer of control of London Underground delayed until July 2003, when London Underground Limited became an indirect subsidiary of TfL.

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7. In 2013, the London Underground celebrated its 150th anniversary, with celebratory events such as steam trains and installation of a unique Labyrinth artwork at each station.

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8. In 2006, Ken Livingstone, the then Mayor of London Underground, announced that within twenty years Camberwell would have a tube station.

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9. In mid-2014 Transport for London Underground issued a tender for up to 18 trains for the Jubilee line and up to 50 trains for the Northern line.

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10. On 19 August 2016, London Underground launched a 24-hour service on the Victoria and Central lines with plans in place to extend this to the Piccadilly, Northern and Jubilee lines starting on Friday morning and continuing right through until Sunday evening.

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11. London Underground presented his original draft in 1931, and after initial rejection it was first printed in 1933.

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