17 Facts About Greater London

1. Greater London is a draw for UK graduates from all over the UK.

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2. The City of Greater London has no state schools, just two independent schools.

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3. Greater London is generally a prosperous region, and prosperous areas generally have good GCSE results.

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4. Greater London is home to sizeable Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish communities.

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5. In terms of population, Greater London is the 25th largest city and the 17th largest metropolitan region in the world.

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6. Greater London is divided into 32 London Boroughs, each governed by a London Borough council, and the City of London, which has a unique government dating back to the 12th century and is separate from the county of Greater London.

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7. Greater London is under the strategic local governance of the Greater London Authority.

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8. Greater London is a region of England, and does not have city status granted by the Crown.

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9. Greater London is covered by a single Parliamentary constituency in the European Parliament.

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10. Greater London is divided into 73 Parliamentary borough constituencies, formed from the combined area of several wards from one or more boroughs.

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11. The City of Greater London forms part of the City and East constituency.

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12. The majority of Greater London forms the London low emission zone.

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13. Greater London is bounded by Hertfordshire to the north, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to the west, Kent to the southeast and Surrey to the south and southwest.

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14. Greater London includes the most closely associated parts of the Greater London Urban Area and their historic buffers and includes, in five boroughs, significant parts of the Metropolitan Green Belt which protects designated greenfield land in a similar way to the city's parks.

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15. Greater London originally had a two-tier system of local government, with the Greater London Council sharing power with the City of London Corporation (governing the small City of London) and the 32 London Borough councils.

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16. In terms of ceremonial counties, Greater London is divided into the small City of London and the much wider Greater London.

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17. Greater London is a ceremonial county of England that is located within the London region.

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