13 Facts About London boroughs


London boroughs are the 32 local authority districts that together with the City of London make up the administrative area of Greater London; each is governed by a London borough council.

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The present London boroughs were all created at the same time as Greater London on 1 April 1965 by the London Government Act 1963 and are a type of local government district.

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The City of London boroughs, the historic centre, is a borough, though it operates differently from the others.

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Inner London boroughs tend to be smaller, in both population and area, and more densely populated than Outer London boroughs.

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The London boroughs were created by combining groups of former local government units.

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Greater London

The large county London boroughs provided all local government services and held the powers usually invested in county councils.

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Royal Commission on Local Government in Greater London boroughs was established in 1957 and the report was published on 19 October 1960.

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The City of London boroughs continued to be administered by the City of London boroughs Corporation, and the Inner and Middle Temples continued to govern their own areas.

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The split of powers and functions meant that the Greater London boroughs Council was responsible for "wide area" services such as fire, ambulance, flood prevention, and refuse disposal; with the London boroughs borough councils responsible for "personal" services such as social care, libraries, cemeteries and refuse collection.

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London boroughs were created by combining whole existing units of local government and it was realised that this might provide arbitrary boundaries in some places.

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London boroughs are administered by London borough councils, which are elected every four years.

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The London boroughs are local government districts and have similar functions to metropolitan London boroughs.

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London boroughs argues that shared service projects fail because they cause a disruption to the service flow by moving the work to a central location, creating waste in hand-offs, rework and duplication, lengthening the time it takes to deliver a service and consequently creating failure demand .

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