19 Facts About Middlesex


Middlesex is a historic county in southeast England.

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Middlesex included Westminster, which was separate from the City of London.

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Middlesex did not contain any county boroughs, so the county and administrative county were identical.

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The one named "Middlesex" consisted of the boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Enfield, Haringey, Harrow, Hillingdon and Hounslow.

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Title Earl of Middlesex was created twice, in 1622 and 1677, but became extinct in 1843.

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The entire south west boundary of Middlesex follows a gently descending meander of the Thames without hills.

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In many places "Middlesex bank" is more accurate than "north bank" — for instance at Teddington the river flows north-westward, so the left bank is the south-west bank.

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The change to the county boundary was probably caused in the late 8th century, before Middlesex took the form of a county, when the Liberty of St Albans was created from parts of the Dioceses of London and Lincoln.

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However, during the 18th century the inner parishes of Middlesex became suburbs of the City and were increasingly urbanised.

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The line to Windsor through Middlesex was completed in 1848, and the railway to Potters Bar in 1850; and the Metropolitan and District Railways started a series of extensions into the county in 1878.

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Middlesex became the location of facilities for the film industry.

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Middlesex Flag is included in the Flag Institute's registry of county and regional flags.

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Middlesex Day is celebrated each year on 16 May This commemorates the actions of the 57th Regiment in 1811, at the Battle of Albuera, during the Peninsular War.

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For genealogical research Middlesex is assigned Chapman code MDX, except for the City of London assigned LND.

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Dear Middlesex, dear vanished country friend, Your neighbour, London, killed you in the end.

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Middlesex Rugby is active in promoting youth rugby and women's rugby in the county.

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Middlesex have won thirteen County Championship titles, the most recent in 2016.

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Middlesex Golf represents all aspects of golf within the county.

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Middlesex Tennis, affiliated to the LTA, works to create more opportunities for people in Middlesex to play and compete in tennis at all levels of the game.

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