12 Facts About Tokyo Haneda Airport

1. Tokyo Haneda Airport is a major transit point offering travelers easy access to many overseas destinations.

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2. Tokyo Haneda Airport is easily accessible from the main stations within Tokyo via airport buses and other frequent public buses.

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3. Tokyo Haneda Airport would like to fly through that airspace in order to create additional capacity at Haneda.

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4. Tokyo Haneda Airport is bisected by the Bayshore Route of the Shuto Expressway and is accessible from Route 1.

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5. Tokyo Haneda Airport Limited Express trains make the nonstop run from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa in 11 minutes.

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6. Tokyo Haneda Airport is often used by foreign heads of state visiting Japan, as well as by the Japanese Air Force One and other aircraft carrying government officials.

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7. In March 2012, Tokyo Haneda Airport completed a new "Premier Gate" facility for business jets, with parking available for up to 30 days.

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8. Tokyo Haneda Airport is the third-largest air cargo hub in Japan after Narita and Kansai.

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9. In particular, Tokyo Haneda Airport would offer additional slots to handle 60,000 overseas flights a year.

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10. In 1978, Narita Tokyo Haneda Airport opened, taking over almost all international service in the Greater Tokyo Area, and Haneda became a domestic airport.

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11. Tokyo Haneda Airport was mainly a military and civilian transportation base used by the US Army and Air Force as a stop-over for C-54 transport planes departing San Francisco, en route to the Far East and returning flights.

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12. Tokyo Haneda Airport opened up to long-haul service during the daytime in March 2014, with carriers offering nonstop service to 25 cities in 17 countries.

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