12 Facts About Air Canada

1. On 20 September 2012, Air Canada unveiled its new frequent flyer status program named "Air Canada Altitude" to supplement Aeroplan.

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2. On May 11, 2017, Air Canada announced it plans to launch a new loyalty program to replace Aeroplan in 2020.

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3. On 1 November 2001, Air Canada launched Air Canada Tango, designed to offer no-frills service and lower fares using a dedicated fleet of 13 Airbus A320s in an all economy configuration of 159 seats.

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4. In 2002, Air Canada launched a discount airline to compete directly with WestJet on routes in Western Canada.

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5. In February 2014, Air Canada decided to leave the sports charter business.

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6. In May 2018, Air Canada listed Taiwan as part of China under the requirement of Chinese civil aviation administration.

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7. On 19 October 2004, Air Canada unveiled a new aircraft colour scheme and uniforms.

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8. On 2 September 1998, pilots for Air Canada launched the company's first pilots' strike, demanding higher wages.

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9. In May 1997, Air Canada became a founding member of the Star Alliance, with the airline launching codeshares with several of the alliance's members.

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10. In 1995, taking advantage of a new US-Air Canada open skies agreement, Air Canada added 30 new trans-border routes.

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11. In 1976, with reorganization at CNR, Air Canada became an independent Crown corporation.

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12. On 4 January 2000, Air Canada acquired its largest rival, Canadian Airlines.

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