46 Facts About Celine Dion

1. Celine Dion gives you the new world order clothing of pentagrams and in your face.

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2. Celine Dion has just launched a new clothing line with a mini movie style commercial.

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3. Celine Dion has a new gender-neutral clothing line for kids.

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4. Celine Dion is a Canadian singer best known for the a Titanica theme song, a My Heart Will Go Ona.

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5. Celine Dion is back to performing after a year-long hiatus to care for her cancer-stricken husband, Rene Angelil.

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6. Celine Dion is a music legend, known for her powerhouse performances around the world, and most recently at her Caesar's Palace Las Vegas residency.

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7. Celine Dion is getting into the children's clothing market—and acting, apparently.

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8. Celine Dion posts bizarre ad for gender-neutral children's clothing line.

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9. Celine Dion has a new line of gender-neutral clothing for kids, Celinununu, and her first ad shows Celine as a literal gender outlaw.

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10. Celine Dion is a gender outlaw in her new ad for a clothing line.

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11. Celine Dion plans to disrupt the gender binary with baby clothes and glitter.

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12. Celine Dion launched a gender-neutral children's clothing collection, and it's actually kind of goth.

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13. Celine Dion has kicked off her new line of gender-neutral children's clothes by getting arrested.

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14. Celine Dion gets 'arrested' in new video to launch kids clothing line, Celinununu.

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15. Celine Dion is passing on her love of fashion to the next generation.

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16. Celine Dion will never forget taking her twin boys to Disney World and having a revelation.

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17. Celine Dion shared a promo for the brand Tuesday on Instagram.

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18. Celine Dion once said, "if God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli", and honestly, we couldn't agree.

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19. Celine Dion meets fan who traveled across globe to meet her.

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20. Celine Dion continues to break records with her ongoing Las Vegas residency.

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21. Celine Dion is a member of Canadian charity Artists Against Racism.

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22. In October 2010, Celine Dion was named a Goodwill Ambassador, a program created by the UN in 1999, sharing this accolade with Oscar-winner Susan Sarandon.

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23. In 1999, Celine Dion received a star on Canada's Walk of Fame and was inducted into the Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame.

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24. Celine Dion is credited for both revitalizing and revolutionizing the entertainment scene in Las Vegas with the gargantuan successes of her residencies there.

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25. Celine Dion is regarded as one of pop music's most influential voices.

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26. Celine Dion is often compared to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston for her vocal style and to her idol, Barbra Streisand, for her voice.

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27. Celine Dion is often regarded as one of pop music's most influential voices.

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28. From June to August 2018, Celine Dion toured the Asia-Pacific region and grossed $56.5 million from 22 shows.

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29. On 3 May 2018, Celine Dion released the single "Ashes" from the film Deadpool 2.

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30. In 2016 and 2017, Celine Dion toured Europe and Canada with two sold-out concert tours.

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31. Celine Dion performed "The Show Must Go On" at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on 22 May, and received the Billboard Icon Award in recognition of her career spanning over three decades.

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32. Celine Dion embarked on the Sans attendre Tour in November 2013 and performed in Belgium and France.

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33. On 22 August 2008, Celine Dion presented a free outdoor concert, mostly in French, on the Plains of Abraham, in Quebec City, Canada, for the 400th anniversary of Quebec City.

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34. Celine Dion was nominated for six Juno Awards in 2008, adding to her 53 previous nominations.

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35. On 21 May 2007, Celine Dion released the French-language album D'elles, which debuted at the top of the Canadian album charts, selling 72,200 copies in its first week.

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36. In early 2002, Celine Dion announced a three-year, 600-show contract to appear five nights a week in an entertainment extravaganza, A New Day.

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37. Celine Dion ended her three-year sabbatical from the music industry with the aptly titled album A New Day Has Come, released in March 2002.

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38. In December 2001, Celine Dion published her autobiography, My Story, My Dream which chronicled her rags-to-riches story.

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39. In support of her album, Celine Dion embarked on the Let's Talk About Love Tour between 1998 and 1999.

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40. Celine Dion was asked to perform "The Power of the Dream" at the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

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41. In 1993, Celine Dion announced her feelings for her manager by declaring him "the colour of [her] love" in the dedication section of her third English-language album The Colour of My Love.

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42. Celine Dion chose the latter and underwent vocal training with William Riley.

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43. At age 12, Celine Dion collaborated with her mother and her brother Jacques to write and compose her first song, "Ce n'etait qu'un reve", whose title translates as "It Was Only a Dream" or "Nothing But A Dream".

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44. Celine Dion was raised a Roman Catholic in a poor, but, by her own account, happy home in Charlemagne.

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45. Celine Dion has won five Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year.

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46. In 1990, Celine Dion released her debut English-language album, Unison, establishing herself as a viable pop artist in North America and other English-speaking areas of the world.

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