11 Facts About Amedee Gordini


Amedeo "Amedee" Gordini was an Italian-born race car driver and sports car manufacturer in France.

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Amedee Gordini was born in Bazzano, currently part of the Metropolitan City of Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy.

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Amedee Gordini was a young boy when he became fascinated with automobiles and racing.

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Amedee Gordini was a particular fan of the Fiat Balilla, released in early 1932.

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In 1934 Amedee Gordini approached Henri Pigozzi, Fiat's French "General Representative".

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Amedee Gordini had already established a strong reputation as a racing driver and as an engineer with a specialist's understanding of Fiats.

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Amedee Gordini rapidly found himself the head of the Simca motor racing department.

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Amedee Gordini quickly showed a flair for improving the performance from the cars' basic Fiat designed engines without incurring massive expenditure, acquiring the sobriquet "le sorcier de la mecanique", and staying with Simca till 1951.

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In 1952 Amedee Gordini founded the independent Amedee Gordini company to build a line of sports cars for racing.

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Amedee Gordini died after several months of acute illness at the end of May 1979, in Paris, less than a month short of his eightieth birthday.

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Amedee Gordini died a few weeks too early to be present for the first Formula 1 victory of the Renault V6 turbo racing engine, developed by the Renault Sport division into which he had merged his own company, and which he had built up since 1969.

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