13 Facts About American River


American River is a 30-mile -long river in California that runs from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to its confluence with the Sacramento River in downtown Sacramento.

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American River is known for the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma in 1848 that started the California Gold Rush and contributed to the initial large-scale settlement of California by European immigrants.

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The American River watershed supports Mediterranean, temperate, and montane ecosystems, and it is the home of a diverse array of fish and wildlife.

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Lower American River has been one of seven California rivers to achieve the designation "Recreational River" under both the California Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act .

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American River is fed by its North, Middle, and South forks, which are located in El Dorado County, Placer County, and Sacramento County.

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Lands east of the American River watershed divide drain into Lake Tahoe, which flows into the Truckee River.

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Silver Fork American River is a 20-mile-long tributary of the South Fork American River, that has its origin at Silver Fork Lake.

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American River watershed crosses multiple climate zones due to the large range in elevations.

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Sacramento County in particular, where the main stem American River is located, is known for its cool winters and hot summers, with low average precipitation.

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Fourteen environmental watershed groups are shown to be active in the Upper American River Watershed by the Adopt A Watershed Program of the U S EPA.

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The American River Conservancy protects the American River watershed to preserve the cultural and historic values of the river systems and the landscapes surround them.

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The American River has lost some of its natural flow and riverbed because of water projects and diversions.

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The American River is a clean, biodiverse river that people can safely swim in and do other recreational activities in.

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