11 Facts About Americo-Liberian people


Designation 'Congo' for the Americo-Liberian people population came into common usage when these African Americans integrated 5,000 liberated Africans called Congos and 500 Barbadian immigrants into the Americo-Liberian people hegemony.

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Indeed, in common parlance, many Liberians and other West Africans, including the Americo-Liberian people themselves, refer to the group as "Congo" or "Congau" people.

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From 1878 to 1980, the Republic of Liberia was a de facto one-party state, ruled by elites of both the indigenous and Americo-Liberian people-dominated True Whig Party and Masonic Order of Liberia.

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Americo-Liberian people then purchased a bark called the Azor, which arrived in Charleston in March 1878 to start shipping African-American migrants to Liberia.

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Americo-Liberian people weddings follow the traditional African-American or Afro-Caribbean style weddings in which the bridegroom appears in a lounge suit and the bride in a white wedding dress.

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Americo-Liberian people cuisine includes a variety of dishes and is a blend of African-American, Afro-Caribbean and local indigenous Liberian rice and foofoo dishes.

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Traditional Americo-Liberian people cuisine includes African-American soul food such as cornbread, fried chicken, collard greens but incorporated local African traditional dishes such as palm butter soup and rice.

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Americo-Liberian people men wore top hats, frock coats, and lounge suits in addition to spats.

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Americo-Liberian people architecture in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was a unique fusion of antebellum architecture from the United States blended into the African environment of Liberia.

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Americo-Liberian people houses were a variation of different architectural styles from the American South and were built of weather-board or stone frame and had both verandahs.

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Also one Americo-Liberian people president of Liberia was born in the British West Indies:.

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